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Loan Glossary – What are the terms used?



An e-invoice is an invoice in electronic form that the user can choose to pay.

The e-invoice is sent directly to the user’s own online bank.

In an electronic form, paying the invoice is simpler because you don’t have to write down the invoice information yourself.

Today, many companies charge a processing fee for paper invoices, but an electronic E-invoice is free.



In the applicant’s information, a payment default is a barrier to obtaining a loan.

Loan services are very precise about this and do not lend to the applicant unless the credit information is clean.

A payment default sign means that the applicant has long neglected to pay the invoices.

The payment record will remain in the credit data register for an average of 2 to 5 years.


The Instantor service helps the borrower to get a loan he can repay.

Selecting Instantor will speed up and simplify the loan process.

You no longer need to send separate financial statements or other attachments to the loan service.

In practice, the Instantor service works by choosing Instantor to analyze your online bank account transactions and then assess your ability to pay by selecting the online banking service for that service.

The Instantor service is completely safe, automated and user friendly.


Mobile certificate

A mobile certificate is an electronic identity card on your phone connected to the SIM card.

You can download the mobile certificate to your phone for free via your own telephone operator.

With the certificate, you can prove your identity and electronically sign a loan agreement, for example.



The Limit is a credit with a defined usage limit.

You can raise the limit to the amount you need in your account and when you pay back the loan to the loan service, it is available to you again.

Limit credit works like a virtual credit card.

The Limit is = Account Credit / Credit Account.

Want to know more about the limit on credit?

For example, read the article:


Online banking IDs

Online bank identifiers are the user’s own electronic signature.

When you identify yourself with different services with your own personal banking accounts, you at the same time confirm your identity.

Online Banking Ids are required for almost every loan service to complete a loan application.

With personal IDs you can log in to the service safely.

Your personal online banking account will be available from your own bank.


Prepaid subscription

The Prepaid subscription is a card you can buy from an R-kiosk, for example.

Prepaid card is pre-loaded and you can make calls up to the limit.

Several loan services grant a loan even if the applicant had a Prepaid subscription.

Quick loan

A quick quote is the same as a quick clip.

A quick loan is always granted on a one-off basis for a small loan amount and the payment period for small loans is usually quite short.

As its name suggests, the Quick Loan is intended for acute money needs.

Take a look in more detail the different payday loans, read more: and

The actual annual interest rate is calculated so that it takes into account all the costs related to the loan, such as nominal interest rate, handling costs, opening fee, loan amount and payment period.

With a real annual interest rate, you can compare different loans to each other, the higher the annual interest rate on the loan, the more expensive the loan is.

In our articles, we have always given examples of the annual interest rate for the loan in question.


loan Application Form

The loan application must always be completed when applying for a loan.

The loan application always has fast-filling forms asking for your personal information, your current debt, your employment relationship, your residence status and your Civil Status.

For the purpose of the application, the applicant usually needs his / her own personal bank account or mobile certificate.

Loan applications are free for all loan services and can be filled at any time.


Collateral & Guarantors

Collateral or guarantor is usually required for a loan in most stone base banks.

There are several bank loans online that you do not need collateral.

In addition, you can quickly access your limit or instant loan without pledging collateral or property.

On our sites, there are many loan services that provide reliable bank loans that do not require collateral from the borrower.

Through them, the applicant has the opportunity to obtain a loan of up to EUR 50,000 without any guarantors or collateral.


Mortgage Calculator

Loan Calculator is a good help when looking at the loan amount and the loan period.

The counter allows you to compare the monthly installments between different loan periods and loan amounts.

The Loan Calculator calculates a directional estimate of how much your loan repayment will be per month.

Always take advantage of the Loan Calculator on your loan website for your own benefit.


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