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Loan without collateral 100 – 2250 euros

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Important information in brief:

  • Age limit of 20 years.
  • Borrow from 100 to 2250 euros.
  • Period of payment for the loan from 1 to 37 months.
  • You only pay the cost and interest on the loan you raise to your account.
  • For a loan, you do not need a guarantee from a friend or spouse.
  • The loan product is a continuous Flex credit.
  • Once you repay the loan you are using, it will be available to you again.
  • Free and 100% secure loan application.
  • Forget about the expensive quick hitch, take an affordable and flexible flex credit.
  • Works like a credit card!
  • An example of a loan: € 1,500 for an actual annual interest rate of 162.86% and an estimated total cost of credit of € 2,436.61 if the customer withdraws € 1,500 at a time and repays it in 12-month installments.

Who can use the service?

The applicant must be a Finnish citizen of at least 20 years of age.

A positive decision requires that the applicant does not have any information on payment defaults.

The applicant must include his / her personal identification number and bank account number in the application.

The applicant is still checking the applicant’s ability to pay.


How much loan can you then apply for?

Image result for Loan without collateralAfter completing the application and after a positive decision, you will have an ongoing credit of EUR 100-250.

In practice, this flexible account credit means that you are free to withdraw money from your personal bank account to your bank account.

For example, if your credit limit is EUR 2250 and you raise your loan to your account today for EUR 250, you will still have to borrow another EUR 2,000.

Note. Unless you raise a loan, you won’t pay anything.

Costs and interest are always determined by the drawdown, not what is your credit limit unless you raise it right away at once.

The smallest first deposit is 100 euros, then you can raise as much as you want.


How long can I get?

You will receive a payment period of 1 to 37 months.

Your monthly batch is determined by how much you raise the loan to your account.

The loan is paid once a month by the due date of the invoice.

In addition to normal loan repayment, you can also shorten your loan with extra charges at no extra cost.


Can I ask for a free loan offer for myself?

Yes, it is quite possible.

Completing a loan application and receiving a bid is always risk-free!

The application is free of charge for the applicant and the offer is not binding on you.

Take a look at your offer at the right time.

After the decision, you accept or reject the offer.


How do I apply for a loan?

Image result for Loan without collateralThe loan application is free and always open.

Obtaining a personal Flex credit does not require guarantors.

Book your time in a few minutes and do the following:

  1. Go to the home page here: Loan Application .
  2. In the loan application, please indicate the loan amount you want and the due date for the invoice.
  3. Fill in the rest of the application carefully.
  4. Accept loan terms and submit.
  5. You will soon receive a preliminary loan offer.
  6. Accept or decline the offer.

After a positive loan decision, will send you a text message when your money is withdrawn.

Later, you can raise the loan as much as you need via Online or by text message.


Because a loan can be applied?

Fill out the application exactly when it is best for you.

The application is open 24 H every day.


Do I need to quote guarantors or other collateral?

You do not need.

Obtaining guarantors is time consuming and even embarrassing.



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