Friday, December 11, 2020

Personal Loans to Protestants: Looking for a Loan for Protestants?

Finding oneself among bad payers, foreclosures or protestants is an unpleasant situation for those who need a personal loan or a loan from a credit institution. However, being included in these situations is increasingly rare, as evidenced by the presence of personal loans for protest, that is, specific credit products for those found in a situation of bank protest .

Who are the protestors?

According to the terminology used in banking and finance, a protestant is a subject that has received a protest , which consists in refusing to pay a bill of exchange or a check by a credit institution with which they maintain relationships.

Although the protest concerns the relationship between the subject involved and the bank, the protested situation is not limited to transactions with the bank in question. In fact, the protested condition is reflected in all banking relationships and compromises the possibility of the subject to request access to many products, primarily personal loans and mortgages, despite also access to other banking products such as current accounts or payment cards are often compromised or made more difficult.

The personal loan for protested with guarantees

From the point of view of Italian legislation, there is nothing to prevent a protester from accessing credit or banking products in general. However, the compromised judgment of reliability of the subject makes it difficult to obtain in many cases. Personal loans for protest are born with the aim of granting access to credit to these subjects.

In many cases, in order to obtain financing, especially for a large amount, the protested party is required to present guarantees that can protect those who issue the credit from any missed payments. In many cases the presence of a paycheck is considered as a sufficient guarantee, although in this regard may be required to sign an assignment of salary , which is carried out involving the employer, who is responsible for holding the envelope employee pay the amount to be repaid for the loan.

In this way, the person issuing the personal loan for protestors protects himself from any missed payments. Even in the absence of a paycheck it is possible that other types of guarantees are required, which depending on the size of the loan may be more or less important. The type varies depending on the company that issues the personal loan; among the most common there are the limitation of severance pay or pension , even if it is in the future.

Personal loans in the absence of guarantees

Even those who do not have the ability to offer guarantees such as paychecks, severance pay or other income can still access personal loans for protest. Depending on the financial product, it is possible that a second signature is required for the loan, that is, that it is asked to involve a third person able to act as guarantor for those who request the loan.

In some cases, even real estate (such as land or housing) are considered as a guarantee for personal loans, but the acceptance of this type of property, as well as other possible possibilities, depend on the type of personal loan for protested chosen and by the subject that delivers the loan itself.

For this reason, even in case of refusal by financing companies or banking institutions, it is advisable to turn to the offer of personal loans online , as often in this way you can get in touch with subjects providing loans that would be difficult to You can contact directly. The comparison between different subjects that provide loans and between different possibilities is therefore an instrument not to be underestimated for the search for the personal loan most suitable for the needs of all profiles, including protestants.

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