The reputation of The Outsiders has made Kevin Nash and Scott Hall two of the most controversial figures in wrestling history. The backstage heat has followed Hall and Nash every step of the way. WWE has seen them rub each other the wrong way around as part of Kliq’s powerful behind-the-scenes faction with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Sean Waltman.

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WCW would see the Outsiders become even more polarizing due to their seemingly toxic attitudes, making others uncomfortable after signing massive contracts. Even their return to WWE in the New World Order created new enemies. Hall and Nash rubbed the following wrestlers the wrong way in the backstage environment.

the rock

The sniper

Kevin Nash recently apologized to The Rock for their problems behind the scenes of their WWE collaboration. Vince McMahon leading the New World Order trio to feud with Steve Austin and Rock led many disgruntled campers into the WWE locker room.

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Nash didn’t try to cool the heat and even doubled down on being difficult to work with a big star like Rock. Nash’s social media apology saw him reveal that he wasn’t sure he was trying to hold onto his spot. Rock has accepted his apology and the two appear to be friends again.

Bryan clark

WCW Wrath

The two odd stints of WWE and WCW for Bryan Clark caused him to run into trouble with The Outsiders. Clark struggled with his Adam Bomb character and publicly criticized The Kliq’s negative behind-the-scenes presence holding him and the others back.

WCW would cause even bigger problems with The Outsiders. Kevin Nash beating Clark during his tenure as Wrath after a winning streak would ruin any momentum. Clark didn’t like Hall or Nash and wasn’t afraid to voice it in interviews.


Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow

Scott Hall particularly upset Bam Bam Bigelow with his presence in the WWE locker room. The Kliq’s Little Mind Games featured Hall bashing Shawn Michaels in the locker room to see what other talent was burying his friend.

Bigelow was one of the names that ended up suffering from this game as he believed that was the reason his WWE push had failed. The Kliq saw Bam Bam become one of the first wrestlers to speak out publicly after his release.

Bad boys

Bad boys

The Outsiders’ WCW run saw them take over the WCW tag division. Not only did Scott Hall and Kevin Nash win the WCW Tag Team Championship right away, they ended up having a backstage heat with other teams.

The Nasty Boys have turned on the wrong side, despite being close friends of their New World Order leader Hulk Hogan. Jerry Sags felt that Hall had shot him during a match and this led them to withdraw for good in the ring.

Bob holly

Holly hardcore

Bob Holly’s presence in the locker room often accused him of being a bully, but he also stood up to those who tried to harass him or intimidate others. Holly ran into issues with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall during their time together in WWE during the Next Generation Era.

Holly’s autobiography made it clear that he strongly hated the members of the Kliq for bullying and burying others. Holly claimed he warned Hall and Nash not to come into his sights or it would turn ugly as he wouldn’t take their bullying like the others did.

Bret hart

Bret hart

Bret Hart was generally against wrestlers who used backstage politics to their advantage like Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan. There was a respect with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash that ultimately dulled for The Hitman.

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Hart has spoken out against all of the Kliq for their WWE antics, although he admitted to enjoying working with Nash. The WCW race would see Bret calling everyone, wrestlers creating a terrible atmosphere for the boss for letting them do it.

Eddie Guerrero


WCW has seen many disrespectful cruiserweights by the biggest names on the map. Kevin Nash often buried the smallest talent in WCW when he asked them why they weren’t pushed into character interviews.

The term “vanilla dwarf” was used by Nash to insult Eddie Guerrero and his group of friends. Eddie shot Nash in WWE documentaries about what killed WCW. Even the WWE run would see Guerrero being watched when Nash and Scott Hall were his colleagues again.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho weight-cruiser champion

Chris Jericho felt the same disrespect for being a smaller rising young star in WCW trying to overcome. Scott Hall is the one who ran into issues with Jericho due to alleged locker room bullying with weekly slurs.

Jericho revealed that Scott Norton and Meng pushed him to defend himself against Hall. Jericho’s story claimed that Hall backed down like a classic tyrant when confronted. Kevin Nash also ran into issues with Jericho as the two struggled to work their feud together.

Bubba ray dudley

Bubba ray dudley

The signing to WWE of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall by Vince McMahon shocked many WWE stars as this trio contributed to the collapse of the WCW locker room. Hall and Nash specifically wanted other wrestlers to feel uncomfortable around them.

Hall’s first comments when he met Bubba Ray Dudley were that he loved the 3D finisher and couldn’t wait to get out of it. Bubba rightly felt disrespectful that Hall made it clear that he wanted to kick their protected finish out as a form of burying him and D-Von.


Goldberg United States Champion

Goldberg’s rise to WCW saw him as the only young star to break into that main event core with the Legends in 1998. Goldberg has faced numerous behind-the-scenes politics from the biggest names who have taken him on. put thoughts in mind.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were seen as the master manipulators seeking to undermine Goldberg’s push. Decades that pass still see Goldberg denouncing Nash ending his unbeaten streak and burying Hall for his cowardly backstage presence. The Outsiders retaliated by poking fun at Goldberg’s serious demeanor and bringing up the painful subject of his streak ending with interviews.

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