What other sport would he play if it wasn’t hockey – “I would say it would be baseball.” I grew up playing baseball at a very high level, probably at a higher level than hockey. When I was 13 or 14 I wanted to choose a sport to focus on and I chose hockey because I love it so much more. Hockey is more of the Canadian energetic vibe. It was still in my blood.

Life after hockey – “I want to stay in the field of hockey or sport. I was thinking of opening a sports store at some point when I was older. I don’t have the plan yet because I only focus on hockey, but I think a sports store would be pretty cool.

The importance of playing other sports– “Personally, I think children should play as many sports as they can or want. It is important to mix and distract yourself from certain things with other sports. It’s just fun to mix it up every now and then.

What he watches on Netflix – “There isn’t much time to watch TV right now, but I just started watching Squid game. “

Favourite music – “Nothing in particular, but something that will make me move.” I really enjoy dancing in the hall before a game. I can’t say I’m very good at it, but I like to do it because it keeps me free.

What he eats that his trainer says he shouldn’t – “Probably farmhouse sausage wraps from Tim Horton’s.” I don’t know how nutritious they are. I’m not sure if our “Younger” trainer (Sean Young, strength and conditioning trainer) would like to hear that. And I also like the St. Louis Chicken Wings. These are my all time favorite food. I could eat them any day.

A typical day for MacKenzie – “I like to wake up a little earlier before going to the rink, so I wake up around six and we come back (home) around six after our day of ice, school and training. . So it’s a long day, but when you’re with your buddies time flies and it’s a lot of fun.

Colin MacKenzie – A young talent to watch in 2021-2022

Against most expectations, except perhaps his own, MacKenzie has beaten more seasoned talent for a spot in the 67’s this year. So far this season he has played four games, winning all three games in which he was selected to start.

As one of the league’s five rookie goaltenders this year, he’s put up some very respectable stats that he’s sure to build on as the season progresses. At just 16, he is sure to dance in the hearts of 67 fans with his great personality and athleticism between the pipes.


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