An unbranded concept car, the all-new Aura electric roadster debuts after four individual British brands applied their individual talents to create a greener car that is still a true Sunday driver. It looks like a modern-day MG Midget or Triumph Spitfire for our environment-obsessed age, with an aerosculpted bio-composite hull, no roof or window, a fully electric powertrain, and an efficiency-boosting HMI, this which makes it such an outdoor beauty, you’ll want to go every inch of its 400-mile range.

What to do when life comes to an abrupt end due to pandemic containment? Why not invest your time in this project that revolves around your skull? That’s what a quartet of British companies – Astheimer Design, BAMD Composites, Conjure and Potenza Technologies – did about a year ago when they got down to work on the Aura concept. Funding came from the UK government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles through the Niche Vehicle Network, and the parties designed, developed and hand-built a working prototype of their concept car.

The goal was to create a sports car that doesn’t spare a lot, both in terms of the powertrain and the materials that go into its construction. So the companies went far beyond abandoning a battery and electric drive in an existing small sports car platform, developing a new design.

The Aura has an estimated range of 400 miles and provides for a test drive between London and Edinburgh.

Aura concept car

The Aura team started under the distinctive body, optimizing the placement of the 88 kWh lithium battery by dividing it into two individual 44 kWh packs, one up front and one under the donor frame of the frame. spatial. The placement helps balance the weight against the rear motor drive while keeping the batteries more accessible for service. The Aura promises lively handling thanks to the combination of rear-wheel drive and neutral weight distribution.

Above this chassis is a silky skin that reminds us a bit of a cigar boat. It is made from a lightweight natural fiber composite and incorporates rear wheel covers to enhance aerodynamic performance. The lightweight, aerodynamic package helps the car achieve its estimated range of 400 miles (644 km).

We think drivers of a car like this would want to recharge and get back onto a twisty pavement as quickly as possible, but they’ll be disappointed to find that the charge ramps up for four hours using the 22kW portable charger. it’s a full lunch with a tasting menu.

Self-leveling circular wheel screen is designed to encourage drivers to stay focused on driving

Self-leveling circular wheel screen is designed to encourage drivers to stay focused on driving

Aura concept car

Inside, the Aura team seeks to shape modern technology in a way that encourages, rather than distracts, a focus on the road ahead. Key information like remaining range and weather is centered inside the steering wheel on a self-leveling 5-inch circular display. The display works in conjunction with the 10-inch navigation infotainment screen via a single mainframe running Android Automotive. The computer analyzes driving conditions, driver profile, nearby charging points and other factors to optimize energy consumption, manage time and direct drivers to charging stations along the route. itinerary.

The Aura team unveiled their concept car at this week’s CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Show at the Millbrook Proving Grounds. He plans to take him to other events throughout the remainder of 2021, in preparation for a test drive from Edinburgh to London. Those interested can follow the progress of the project on the website linked below and via Instagram at @ aura.concept.car.

Source: Aura Concept Car


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