Baker Mayfield has chosen a hell of a month to return to social media. In the past 24 hours, we’ve seen the idea of ​​the Browns suing Deshuan Watson go from harmless flirtation to full-fledged eggplant emoji comments under an Instagram post status. And like any girlfriend who sees her man flirting with another woman, Baker embarrassed her heart on social media.

This is the type of letter you type AFTER the breakup is over, not before your partner even comes home to explain. You just know Baker sat reading all the Watson rumors and furiously typing and deleting tweets. It’s an unprecedented move for someone who continually proves he’s not just a dwarf by footballing standards, but by emotional ones as well.

This is the exact reason the Browns are looking to get away from you and you STILL can’t sit still long enough to know what might be going on. Whether he wants to go to Indy, New Orleans or Saskatchewan, it doesn’t matter if he can’t stop obsessively listening to social media and sports radio for grudges. How about holding a grudge against that dog shit season you had in 2021?

Newsflash, you’re playing teams in opposing jerseys, not people who rightly criticize a former No. 1 overall pick for ping-ponging between above-average and full bust.

To Baker’s credit, the Browns’ pursuit of Watson was public and bordering on messy. They should have expected such a reaction from their QB whose head could literally explode if he did not respond to each blow sent by Colin Cowherd.

It was just two weeks ago, Andrew Berry said Baker could be a playoff-caliber quarterback again. I guess he never said what city it would be in. So what could have caused this sudden reversal?

The Browns are currently courting Deshaun Watson and completed their meeting with Watson in Houston on Tuesday afternoon, according to sources who spoke to PFN Insider Aaron Wilson. Pauline reported being told Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was the driving force behind the Browns’ bid to bring Watson to Cleveland because he believes the future former Houston Texan is the missing piece of the puzzle. Super Bowl.

Simply wonderful. The crazed mountaineer who rips off trucking companies and takes advice from the homeless is back behind the wheel. It should go well.

Look, Watson could agree to waive his no-trade clause to come to Cleveland and the Browns would immediately be better off on paper. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, how confident are the Browns, a franchise that planned to hand out white surrender flags to their fans in a one-time rivalry game, the PR storm? who will come with this movement? This is the same owner who forced Mike Pettine to play Johnny Manziel when he knew more hit-dealers in Cleveland than plays in the playbook.

So now the Browns have a disgruntled quarterback on the roster they don’t want on the roster, and every other team knows they have to get him off their roster. Sweet. It’s so bad they even have play-by-play guy Jimmy Donovan ripping Baker’s knees off during radio interviews.

Apparently, Baker not playing Week 18 rubbed a bunch of teammates the wrong way and he “lost the locker room.” Time for it to come out.

Even former teammate Duke Johnson came down from the rafters to dive on Mayfield. It’s three years after Mayfield couldn’t shut up when Johnson wanted a new contract or be traded during camp.

This is the elite level of the petite, which is just another elite category that Baker will never be able to achieve.

If the Browns swing and miss Watson, I don’t know what I’ll do. I mean I’m sure I’ll just bitch about it and then convince myself there’s some serious pros for Marcus Mariota or Nick Mullins because I’m a Browns fan and I can’t escape this curse no matter how hard I try.

That’s a long way of saying the Browns are starting to look like a giant shit show again, and until they can prove their playoff win two seasons ago wasn’t a stunt luckily, maybe the Browns really are the Browns.