The multiple major releases of NXT recently left fans wondering what WWE President Vince McMahon is planning to do. Reports now claim that NXT is on the verge of major changes and a memo has been sent to WWE’s Third Mark.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Triple H and Shawn Michaels weren’t involved in the decision to release multiple NXT talent recently. The names were chosen by Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis. Meltzer claimed the feeling is that many of WWE NXT’s contestants are “too small and too old”:

“Paul Levesque and Shawn Michaels have nothing to do with the cuts. It was directed by Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis. The bottom line is that NXT is going to change in some ways and they think a lot of the competition is too small and too old, ”said Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer added that the original idea behind NXT was to find and develop new mega-stars for WWE who can participate in the main event WrestleMania. Meltzer claimed WWE wanted more wrestlers like Roman Reigns.

It was further revealed that the feeling within WWE is that NXT has lost the war against AEW. They now want to take a new direction with NXT and have younger and bigger workers. This is apparently the reason why several cuts were made in the last week. Meltzer added that a memo was sent out revealing what WWE really wants from NXT:

“The wording is’ more dwarves, nobody in their thirties, they want people who can be box office attractions and lead characters,” Dave Meltzer said. (H / t WrestlingNews)

Which NXT Superstars were released by WWE last week?

Shortly after pulling several big stars off the main roster, WWE had another round of talent cuts during last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Some of the major and surprising names included former undisputed ERA member Bobby Fish, former North American NXT champion Bronson Reed and Mercedes Martinez.

Other names released were Tyler Rust, Leon Ruff, Giant Zanjeer, Jake Atlas, Ari Sterling, Kona Reeves, Stephon Smith, Zechariah Smith, and Asher Hale.

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