BROWNSVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) — Nearly a week after the sudden resignation of a Brownsville-area school district board treasurer, more and more people are demanding accountability.

Sources told KDKA-TV that the recall club’s funds are lacking. At a school board meeting on Thursday, people shared stories about the board member who quit last week.

Matthew Morgan is associated with Brownsville Midget Football.

“This person, I don’t know if we can tell, they had personally come to us and tried to get involved with us,” Morgan said. “We didn’t allow it, but they used their position on the board.”

Tabitha Silbaugh, the treasurer of the women’s basketball team, said the treasurer asked for information about the recall club shortly after they were elected last year.

“She asked for each booster’s bylaws, each booster’s financial records,” Silbaugh said.

KDKA-TV is not naming the school board member who resigned last Friday because no criminal charges were filed.

Cheryl Terravechhia, vice president of the board, said the school board treasurer allegedly told booster clubs that a school board member had to be on their accounts. Once she gained access to these accounts, she allegedly used the money for personal purposes.

Brownsville’s attorney said the board of education doesn’t have the power to impose an audit, force booster clubs to open their books, because there hasn’t been any misuse of the funds controlled by the district.

But Terravecchia said she won’t stop looking for answers and accountability.

“At first I had heard over $100.00 and that’s what pisses me off because I feel like it’s being stolen from the kids,” she said.

KDKA-TV contacted the school board member who resigned but did not hear back.

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