is Argentina. It must be Argentina. He speaks like an Argentinian. He laughs like an Argentinian. And he also gestures like an Argentinian.

He’s not Argentinian. He is Moroccan.

No, actually, he’s Canadian.

But he plays for the Moroccan national team…

There is a man, an archer, who creates this kind of illusion, it’s the dwarf yasin, better known as Bondis it keeper holder with whom Morocco Qatar will face the challenge of surpassing their best in 2022 World Cup history: Matchday 16 of 1986 in Mexico,

Qatar 2022Nine years after his debut with the Los Leon jersey, he becomes the team’s bottom defense. However, he had to go through a long process to reach this present time.

Everything about Bono has a halo of mystery,

nation in montreal, Canadaon April 5, 1991. This is not a specific case of someone who has a certain nationality because His mother was also far from his native country at the time of delivery.,

Bono lived in Canada until he was 8 years old, There he learned to speak. In addition, they started school and, therefore, established their first bond of friendship, immersed in the culture of this North American country.

When his family decided to return to Morocco, he was a Canadian in his own right, not just because his document indicated so.

Even then, When he had to choose, he decided to represent his parents’ country of origin.,

another baby started playing football club more systematically future casablancaHe cut through the initial divisions there, standing tall enough to continue the strides forward, but didn’t become one of the big promises that grabbed the headlines.

maybe that’s why Arrived in Europe, specifically in Spainfor a while, with 21 years old Praise was the person responsible for their arrival Atlético Madridwhere Argentinian Diego Simeone was already in charge,

laugh like Argentinians
He had his first strong contact with the Spanish language and culture in Aleti., Without much context to support this new experience, it became very close to the ‘cholo’ work force. Above all, at the German “Mono” Burgos.

“I am Moroccan more than anything. What happens is that when I arrived in Spain, I learned with Argentinians and my pronunciation stalled a bit,” Bono explained in an interview with that half-smile.

He establishes friendly relations with Burgos and other members of Semyon’s coaching staff, despite not being considered for the first team.

As he practiced and patiently waited for his chance, he ended up learning Spanish. But he did it by talking to Argentina. He inadvertently adopted the melodies and idioms of Mono Burgos & Co.,

The relativity that Bono showed in the interview is something that we mortals, at least those who speak Spanish, deserve our attention.

Why? To hear him speak is to listen to an ArgentinianAnd if we look at it, the perception is heightened. Not only does he have the melody, but he also laughs like an Argentinian and even makes the typical gestures of the Albicelstes,

On March 9, 2021, Bono was already the goalkeeper of his current team., SevilleAfter leaving Atlético Madrid Zaragoza then to Girona,

Capital was the challenge that day: The Spanish team had to beat Borussia Dortmund in Germany if he wanted to qualify for the quarter-finals UEFA Champions LeagueBecause in the first leg they lost 3-2 at home.

In a moment, The referee awards a penalty to Dortmund and Bono takes on Norway’s Erling HaalandoWhile ‘The Android’ took a run for the run, The Moroccan-Canadian shouted “Kirikocho!”,

it’s a kind of curse which is used in Argentina, especially in football, to wish you someone’s misfortune,

The technique had half the effect, as although Bono saved Holland’s penalty, VAR determined it had been improved and the penalty should be re-launched.

The action showed 100% how much the Canadian-born goalkeeper, saving for Morocco, has absorbed Argentine culture.