Paul has been looking for a fight with McGregor for the past two years, and in an exclusive chat with Mirror Fighting, the Irishman refused to rule out a future fight with the YouTuber.

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Conor McGregor talks about Jake Paul, return to fighting and UFC title aspirations

Conor McGregor was unimpressed with the pay-per-view buy rate for Jake Paul’s rematch with Tyron Woodley in December.

The YouTube star viciously knocked out the former UFC welterweight champion in a star performance that saw his star rise in the boxing world, but the event itself was reportedly not a success at the box office.

A number of around 65,000 buys would have been all the fight pulled on the cable, with Paul denying the figure but admitting it wasn’t his “best night in business”.

And in an exclusive chat with Mirror Fighting, the UFC legend refused to rule out a future fight with the YouTube star while poking fun at his poor PPV sales.

“I wasn’t really watching it,” McGregor said during tonight’s Bellator Dublin event at 3Arena, where he was in attendance to support teammates Sinead Kavanagh and Lee Hammond.

“It’s only had a few thousand purchases, I haven’t watched it, I’ve seen it online, so no I haven’t seen it.

Conor McGregor was unimpressed with Jake Paul’s pulling power against Tyron Woodley


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“I don’t pay attention to that stuff.”

When asked if he would fight Paul, McGregor replied “who knows? Never say never.”

The Irishman is currently recovering from a leg injury and plans to return to action in April with a return to summer combat.

He explained that he wants to take Charles Oliveira’s lightweight title when he returns, despite two losses to Dustin Poirier last year and just one win since 2016.

“Soon,” he replied when asked for a return date. “It gets there, we’ll see how it goes and how it goes.

“April, I should be back in action, I’m going to gauge everything then – I’d like a title, a title, I’ll feel a belt.”

“We’ll see what happens with the weight, I feel good and strong, I’m getting there day by day.

“I’m only 33, I’m unharmed, I’ve never been blown up in the face, I’ve never been scraped in the face so I’ll be back.

“I’m advised to take it slow, but I do a lot of shadow boxing and I’m looking for ways to develop a style.”

Paul has been angling for a fight with McGregor for two years, and speaking with Mirror Fighting earlier this month told the Irishman he should stop drinking at his lavish Black Forge Inn pub.

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The YouTube star said McGregor would have to get back into the win column before a fight between the two is possible.

“I don’t give a damn about Conor,” Paul said at a press conference for the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano fight that he and Eddie Hearn are co-promoting.

“I just want to fight him and hit him in the head – in that sense, I hope he can win fights so we can actually fight.

“But the guy is an adult**, he needs to figure out his life; he seems to be falling apart from what I can tell.”

“Obviously everything goes through a lens, we don’t know what he’s actually going through,” Paul added, before saying he should “definitely” stop drinking.

“That’s clearly one of his many issues – he needs to hit the gym and drink calcium because his bones are breaking.”

McGregor was speaking at Bellator 275 at the 3Arena in Dublin, which is broadcasting live tonight on BBC 3 and BBC iPlayer.

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