Crestview, Florida — Lewis and Jurnovoy, local debt relief attorneys, monitor industry news about major bankruptcy trends in the United States to help them keep their community informed. Accordingly, they highlight recent steps President Biden has taken to reduce the impact of medical debt on credit scores.

One in three adults in the United States has medical debt, which is consequently the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the country, even more so than credit card and car loan debt. However, according to a briefing room fact sheet on, the latest research shows that medical debt is not a reliable indicator of financial health because “medical debt causes credit scores to fall below -estimate solvency up to 22 points. As a result, the inclusion of medical debt in credit reports and in credit scores and loan underwriting may prevent American from financial opportunity while not improving the accuracy and predictability of loan programs.

TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies, have actually issued statements indicating that certain forms of medical debt will no longer be included in credit reports. Unfortunately, this does not affect those with medical debts over $500. Regardless, the Biden-Harris administration is working diligently to ensure the impact of medical debt on credit scores is mitigated. They strive to ensure that people in need can still access certain debt cancellation programs, as well as future loans, etc.

For people whose current medical debt prevents them from waiting for new medical debt policies to take effect and who are due to file for bankruptcy in the near future, Lewis and Jurnovoy are here to help. They are committed to helping people in difficult financial circumstances get through the bankruptcy process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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