Father-of-two Dave Townend got the boost he needed to complete the restoration project after his son Michael asked to use the car on his wedding day to Millie’s wife.

David Townend and his son Michael in the MG Midget

A father who bought a dilapidated sports car the year his first child was born finally finished restoring it 27 years later.

David Townend, 60, bought the 1974 MG Midget in 1994 for almost £ 300.

He kept the rusty engine in his garage with the intention of restoring it to its former glory.

But “life was hampered” and the restoration project was put on hold.

The father-of-two got the boost he needed after his son Michael asked to use the car on his wedding day to marry Millie.

David, who lives with his wife Christine in Poole, Dorset, said: “My son’s marriage made me want to end it. I just needed this to make the last blow.

The car was completely disassembled


David Townend / BNPS)

“We hope to use it for the wedding. It’s a very small car, so I think they’ll have a hard time fitting his wife, Millie, into her wedding dress.

“They want to do a photoshoot with the sports car in the New Forest.”

The big day was originally scheduled for April – but delays due to the pandemic have given David a little more time to complete most of the renovations.

He said: “It gave me a bit more time because it had to be sprayed professionally. You don’t do that sort of thing yourself because the quality of the paint is the first thing that people are watching. “

In 1994, some of David’s friends were buying vintage vehicles for a makeover, so he jumped on the bandwagon.

David Michael’s children and his daughter Kayleigh with the car in the 1990s


David Townend / BNPS)

He said: “It cost a lot more than it was worth, but that’s what everyone was doing back then. In some circles, rebuilding classic cars has become a thing.

“I knew a couple of other people who did and I went out and bought one too expensive.

“I haven’t worked at it continuously for 27 years. I’ve been making ends meet here and there, but life bothers me.

“We had a family, we moved out and did a lot of house extensions that I did on my own. There were other priorities but those have faded a bit now.

The car at the start of the restoration


David Townend / BNPS)

“The old fiscal record was from 1998, which shows how long it’s been off-road.”

When the family moved in 2000, the Midget car was with them and it is so small that it could be loaded into the moving van.

Car repairs don’t come cheap – to the point that David didn’t even calculate the exact amount he spent on his little sports car over the years.

He said: “It cost a lot of money – so you have to justify it. I have no idea how much I spent. I didn’t add it up because I don’t want to know – it will be far away. more than the car is worth. “

David Townend and his son Michael in the MG Midget


Max Willcock / BNPS)

The Midget recently passed its MOT and since then David has taken it for the odd ride.

It can reach speeds of up to 70 mph but wouldn’t dare take it on the highway as it is small.

David said Michael and his daughter Kayleigh, 24, had started bickering over who would inherit the car in the years to come.

Michael will marry his fiancée Millie in two weeks.


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