DICKINSON, ND (KFYR) — After starting the year 4-6, the Dickinson men’s basketball team is playing a second half in hopes of improving their seed for the region’s tournament West, which is due to debut March 3.

It hasn’t always been easy for the Dickinson Midget men’s basketball team this year.

“We had a hard time at the start of the year. I think 8 of our first 9 games were on the road. We had a bit of a stretch in our schedule where we had a few home games and enjoyed being at home and I think that helped a lot,” Dickinson head coach Dan Glasser said.

The Midgets’ last six games have gone 4-2, including a big win over Century.

“We moved the ball around more and then we carried our momentum from game to game. Especially with this Century win, we just carried that momentum, and we were hoping to carry it to Legacy, but it just didn’t happen,” said Dickinson senior guard Britton Cranston.

The loss to Legacy as well as a number of their losses came on the road, which the team knows it needs to change.

“Any place you play that isn’t home will be a battle and especially against you. So we just need to fight through adversity and play more physically,” said Dickinson senior guard Alex Dvorak. .

And those traits will be on full display as they prepare to face familiar foes for the second time.

“The second time in the calendar is going to be different. These coaches in this league are so amazing that they will take away your strengths and really expose your weaknesses. It’s something you have to work on. You have to improve on what you are fighting for. Otherwise, the turnout will not be very high,” Glasser said.

The Midgets next play Mandan on Tuesday.

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