DICKINSON — The Dickinson High School girls’ swim and dive team held its final two home meets Friday and Saturday at the West River Community Center.

In Friday’s game, Dickinson hosted the Moorhead Spuds and Jamestown Blue Jays for a double splash. Senior athletes and their parents were recognized and celebrated at the meet. The public stands were decorated with orange streamers and filled with supporters cheering proudly on Midget.

Dickinson’s 200 Medley Relay team of McKenna Mettler, Ericka Williams, Willow Vohs and Hannah Meschke lost 3 seconds off their best race time. Mettler returned to the pool for her first competition since recovering from a back injury. His backstroke start time helped the team shave a few seconds off their time to place 4th with a time of 2:05.21.

As the season draws to a close, the Women’s Midgets still have two competitions left, WDA and State.

Marc Klundt

Senior Charley Rathgeber finished 1st in the 100-yard freestyle, where she tied her best time of the season. She then finished 2nd in the 200 freestyle with a new personal best of 2:01.97. Rathgeber is currently ranked 4th in the state in the 200 freestyle.

Senior Ericka Williams also had two strong individual events in the Friday doubles. She cut a second and a half off her 100 breaststroke to take 2nd place with a time of 1:14.14, which is currently her career best. She also broke another personal best of the season in the 200 individual medley for a 3rd place.

Dickinson gave his best in the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relays with two 1st place medals. The teams consisted of Taylor Miller, Aryana Twist, Mara Ellerkamp and Rathgeber, who are currently ranked 1st in the state in the 200 and 3rd in the 400.

“We’re one of the smallest teams in the state, so it’s great to see so many of our athletes and relays at the top of the roster,” said DHS head coach Jenna Wolf.

Twist, Brenna Jo Wolbaum and Mara Ellerkamp also finished 3rd in the 100m butterfly, 2n/a in the 1 meter and 2 meter diven/a respectively in the 500 m freestyle. Wolbaum was just two points off the school record of 6 dives.

The following day, the Midgets hosted the Dickinson Invite and won 4 of 12 events.

Rathgeber walked away with 1st in the butterfly and 2n/a at 50 free. Mara Ellerkamp and Twist also picked up a few titles, finishing 1st in the 200 IM and 1st at 100 free. The three, plus Miller, made up the 1st place the team in the 200m freestyle relay.

DHS also had a new State Qualifier, 7th Grader Samantha Paintner, which brings the DHS State Qualifier team to 8 athletes.

The Midgets will wrap up regular season meetings this weekend and next with WDA and State.

“These girls have been working hard and fine-tuning the things they need to work on as we get closer to the end of the season,” Wolf said.

Double Encounter Scores 10/28/22 DHS vs WHS vs JHS
DHS Team Score: 109, 73
200 yard medley relay: 4e, McKenna Mettler, Ericka Williams, Willow Vohs, Hannah Meschke, 2:05.21; sevene, Makenna Tippett, Breanna Jo Wolbaum, Samantha Paintner, Molly Ellerkamp, ​​2:18.89; 8e Kendra Erickson, Clancy Meyer, Bella Berger, Shaylynn Ziman, 2:29.84, 9e Breanna Erickson, Hailey LaQua, Emily LaQua, Sophia Kruc, 2:50.84; 200 yard freestyle: 2n/a, Charley Rathgeber, 2:01.97; 3rd, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​2:04.11; seveneKendra Erickson, 2:26.49; 200 YRD IM: 3rd, Williams, 2:26.46; 6eEmily LaQua, 3:02.29; 50 yard freestyle: 2n/a, Ariana Twist, 10:49 p.m.; 4e, Meshke, 27.46; 6eMolly Ellerkamp, ​​27.75; 1 MTR dive: 2n/a, Wolbaum, 203.60; 9ePaintner, 161.45; 100 yard butterfly: 3rd, Twist, 1:04.06; 9e, Vohs, 1:12.50; teneMeyer, 1:24.52; 100 yard freestyle: 1stRathgeber, 55.69; 3rdTaylor Miller, 56.88; 6eMeshke, 1:01.60; 500 yards freestyle: 2n/a, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​5:34.39; 6e, Tippett, 6:10.10; 8ePaintner, 6:31.43; 200 yard freestyle relay: 1stMiller, Twist, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​Rathgeber, 1:44.07; 6e, Meschke, Kendra Erickson, Allanah Davis, Wolbaum, 1:57.91; teneBerger, Ziman, Kruc, Breanna Erickson, 2:29.57; 100 yards backstroke: 5e, Vohs, 1:10.29; 6e, Mettler, 1:12.51; sevene Molly Ellerkamp, ​​1:13.27; 100 yards breaststroke: 2n/a, Williams, 1:14.14; 3rd, Miller, 1:14.65; 9e Tippett, 1:31.33; 400 yard freestyle relay: 1stMiller, Twist, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​Rathgeber, 3:49.30; 5e, Vohs, Davis, Williams, Molly Ellerkamp, ​​4:13.82; sevenePaintner, Hailey LaQua, Meyer, Tippett, 4:43.01

Invitation Dickinson 10/29/22
Combined Team Scores: 2n/aDHS, 497
200 yard medley relay: 5e, McKenna Mettler, Williams, Molly Ellerkamp, ​​Wolbaum, 2:07.99; teneVohs, Tippett, Meyer, Davis, 2:17.25; 200 yard freestyle: 3rdMolly Ellerkamp, 2:09.02; 200 YRD MI: 1stMara Ellerkamp, ​​2:31.32; 2n/a, Williams, 2:26.46; 8e, Meyer, 2:56.11; 9ePaintner, 2:56.21; 50 yard freestyle: 2n/a, Rathgeber, 25.47; 4eMiller, 26.27; 1 MTR dive: 5eWolbaum, 343.95; 100 yard butterfly: 1stRathgeber, 1:02.49; 8th, Vohs, 1:12.88; 100 yard freestyle: 1stTwist, 57.25; 3rd, Molly Ellerkamp, ​​1:00.34; seveneMeshke, 1:01.10; 500 yard freestyle: 2n/a, Miller, 5:32.58; 3rdTwist, 5:41.61; 200 yard freestyle relay: 1stTwist, Miller, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​Rathgeber, 1:45.52; seveneMeschke, Davis, Tippett, Wolbaum, 1:56.25; 100 yards backstroke: 1stMara Ellerkamp, ​​1:07.17; sevene, Mettler, 1:10.57; 8eVohs, 1:11:33; 100 yards breaststroke: 3rdWilliams, 1:14.12; 400 yard freestyle relay: 2n/a, Twist, Miller, Mara Ellerkamp, ​​Rathgeber, 3:52.98; 6eMeschke, Williams, Vohs, Molly Ellerkamp, ​​4:09.75