After their second round victory over the Vancouver Canucks in May 2010, the Blackhawks flew straight to San Jose for the Western Conference Finals rather than returning home to Chicago. They spent a full week in San Jose, with four days off before the series began.

It was then, at the team’s hotel and local bars, that rumor spread among the players that two teammates had accused video coach Brad Aldrich of sexual assault, alleging that he them. got drunk and tried to give them oral sex.

“All the guys on the squad knew about it,” a 2010 squad player told The Athletic. “All the guys on the team knew that. “

Last month, a former player filed a lawsuit against the Blackhawks alleging he and a teammate were sexually assaulted by Aldrich and the team ignored their claims. Earlier this month, TSN reported that both players reported Aldrich’s conduct to skills coach Paul Vincent just before the start of the Western Conference Finals, and that Vincent reported it to the Team President John McDonough, GM Stan Bowman, VP Hockey Operations Al. MacIsaac and Mental Skills Coach James Gary. According to TSN’s report, Vincent told the executive group that they had to file a report with the Chicago police, a plea that was reportedly denied. (The Athletic independently confirmed the account with Vincent, who declined to say more due to an ongoing dispute.)

After leaving the Blackhawks after the 2010 season (the team declined to say why he left; Aldrich told confidants he was fed up with the NHL routine), Aldrich joined the coaching staff of ‘a high school boys team in Houghton, Michigan.


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