Welcome to the NBA RotoBaller recap. In this article, we’ll highlight some key fantasy basketball points to take away from games played on last night’s Slate. These views can be both positive and negative, and hopefully will help provide insight into the various roster changes you should consider making based on the Association’s trends and statistical nuggets.

Fantasy basketball has a lot of moving parts with all of the different scoring settings that it is possible to play with, so I will always do my best to highlight where players gain or lose value in certain types of play. For the sake of simplicity and consistency, whenever I mention Fantasy Points in these articles, I’ll be using DraftKings’ scoring system, which looks like this: 1 * PTS, 0.5 * 3PM, 1.25 * RBD, 1.5 * AST, 2 * STL, 2 * BLK, -0.5 * TO. In addition to this, bonus points are awarded for double-doubles (+1.5) and triple-doubles (+3), only one per player at a time.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the final game list for the 2021 season and try to figure out how to build on what we’ve seen happen.

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Tuesday, November 30

Phoenix Ties Franchise Record With 17th Consecutive Victory Beating GSW; Battle of Gotham ends with Brooklyn barely surviving referee blaming New York

Best night of the season so far Tuesday. The Nets and Knicks opened the showcase with a fantastic showdown in which Brooklyn looked nothing but a sure-fire winner… until it didn’t. New York reduced a big difference in points, took the lead, but eventually the Knicks Knicked made their way to an L. James Harden did not complete the trip-dub (34-10-8-3) and KD was not unbelievable with a 27-5-9 and a block, but both entered the top 5 on DK’s slate. No. 3? Julius Randle himself with a stuffy 24-9-8-2 line that didn’t help for nothing.

The other two best games on yesterday’s game list belonged to the Phoenix Suns. CP3 had a nice 15-6-11-5 (yes, 5 interceptions) while Deandre Ayton doubled an overall contribution of 24-11-2-1-2. The Suns defeated the Warriors, tied them in the standings at 18-3 apiece and limited Steph to a 12-3-2-1-1 midget contribution by shooting 19% on 21 FGA on the night. Phoenix, even if you continue to hate and doubt the Suns, is legitimate as hell.

  • The first player to break the Nets / Suns / Knicks leading trio was CJ McCollum, whose 28-4-6-2 outing against Detroit was enough for the Blazers to beat the Pistons by 18 points on Tuesday. Portland seemed to find a solution to Dame’s slow start to the year: not to play it at all. MDR
  • Shout Jordan Poole for his phenomenal production starting at guard and setting up an efficient 28-5-3-2-1 line during his 35 minutes there. Something similar happened with Alec Bruks – New York’s new playmaker with Kemba getting DNP because Thibs doesn’t like his D – as the guard hit a healthy 25-5-5-2- line. 1.
  • The Lakers won a game. Great news. Not as important as the development around Hollywood that is causing LeBron James to enter health and safety protocols due to issues with COVID-19, potentially missing a few weeks of games. AD and Russ were good for a total of 48 pops, but with LBJ around, I don’t think these Lakers are going to go overboard.
  • As silly as it sounds, Dwight Howard was probably the key to the Lakers’ victory over Sacto. He played 35 minutes off the pin and he set up a 12-13 dub-dub to go with 2 interceptions and 2 blocks on top of that. Not that you see this type of performance daily from Dwight more on a daily basis, so kudos to those who bet on Dwight.
  • On the other side, King Chimezie Metu himself put on the show starting with PF and hitting a good 14-11 double-double in 36 minutes while stealing three stones. The shot was fantastic as he went 7 for 10 and didn’t commit any turnovers at all.
  • Best game of the season for Cade Cunningham as he pulled off a deadly 26-7-1-1-3, shot 76.9 percent from the ground, hit 5 treys and only messed up his stat line. ‘with his 6 TO against Portland. Speaking of freshmen, Scottie Barnes also had a delicious outing with a 19-7-3-2-4 line going all over Memphis but ultimately eating that L.
  • I have to give Devin Book a little slack, the result of which stinks but was limited by an injury in the second quarter and only 16 minutes of playing time (10-2-1 on the night for him; not that Phoenix needed much more than that). Same situation for RJ Barrett who could only play 9 minutes against his rivals BKN and had to leave with a silly 4-4-1 line.
  • Not so good for Buddy Hield. Our mate played 32 minutes against his near-team Lakers and all he did was finish with a putrid 5-2-5 line shooting a shameful 14.3% on 7 FGA and returning the ball once. Bastard. Same as Saddiq Bey and his 2-2-5 line in 26 minutes for Detroit with a stupid 11.1% shot on the day.
  • Rookie Jalen Suggs has avoided surgery but will still be out for a few weeks … I have to keep an eye out for this hammy Devin Booker and RJ Barrett’s non-COVID illness … Tons of players coming back from injury / out of spells this Wednesday to Franz Wagner, Cole Anthony, Tyler Herro, Robert Williams, Dennis Schroder, Marcus Morris … and DeMarcus Cousins ​​face potential debuts with the Bucks.

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