Krysten Coombs won the British badminton team’s second medal in Tokyo, the former Game Of Thrones the actor made his successful Paralympic debut for the sport.

Dwarfed 30-year-old Coombs lost the opening set to Brazilian Vitor Goncalves Tavares, but rose to claim a passionate victory – winning a tight third set 21-16 to seal the victory.

Coombs won his first international medal in 2008, and after more than a decade of self-funding his career through a part-time job at Ikea and an acting appearance on Games of thrones, obtained funding from the National Lottery in 2018.

“This bronze is the pinnacle,” he said. “This is why I have been there for 14 years, the experience, the journey I have taken to reach the highest level and participate in these Games. Winning a bronze medal – it all came true. It’s incredible .”

Coombs was inspired by Game Of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage as a child, who he said was the first person with his illness he had ever seen playing leading and serious roles on screen. Years later, he joined him in the hit series as an extra, and he hoped the exposure to be at the Paralympic Games would make him a similar role model.

“I would like to think that now I am in the same position as Peter Dinklage, I can inspire other children with achondroplasia and other types of dwarfism at home that there is a trip, there is a life and you can be successful with that. “

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