The Casper Midget Football Association has a long history of football in Casper. Since 1969, the program has touched the lives of countless players and families. Through football, players learn both skills and values ​​that they will carry throughout their lives. Values ​​such as teamwork, pride, confidence and self-esteem are instilled throughout the season.

The program is humbled by generations of families who keep coming back to play the game. From players who coached their parents to parents who played as children themselves, Casper Midget Football nurtures generations of football. It has been proven time and time again, by players and families, that the program is much more than the game itself. Take what CMFA President Alan Dugan has to say about his family’s involvement in the program:

“We started with CMFA when our eldest son played in 1993. During that first season I realized the life lessons football can teach a youngster, so I’ve been involved ever since. My three children have played and so far two of my grandchildren have played as well. The CMFA offers more than just a football program! »


Casper Midget Football is also a family affair for Hunter Menzel. As a child, Hunter and his brother both played for CMFA while his father coached their team. Their father was a CMFA volunteer coach for 30 years (coaching against Logan Wilson’s team), and as Hunter and his brother grew up, they coached alongside him until his passing a few years ago. Hunter describes his time as a coach as one of the most rewarding experiences he has had in his life. One of the best parts of coaching was watching each kid’s growth over the two years they played for CMFA. He explains: “Teaching children to work together is not only rewarding, but it nourishes society. We are all in the same team and we are better because of that.

Casper Midget Football is a program deeply rooted in the Casper community, which is why it’s no surprise that over 15,000 kids have been introduced to football through CMFA over the past 50 years. Involving your children now can establish the beginning of a family tradition as well as values ​​that can be applied on and off the field.

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