CALGARY, Alta. — When Brayden Point brought the Stanley Cup to his old community hockey rink in August, he did it his way.

Local media were not alerted, as it was going to be – like everything else in Point’s life – private. But it was also powerful. Point, 27, having spent part of the day in the backyard of the family home in New Brighton for a low-key party, showed up wearing a plain blue t-shirt, blue jeans, a trucker hat and his now infamous camouflage Crocs.

Point walked through the door of one of Cardel Rec Center’s four ice pads, and everyone in the rink started cheering or clapping. The two junior hockey teams playing, in the 14 or 15 range, didn’t know what to do, but Point urged them to get closer and discover the holy grail of hockey.

The kids were able to touch the cup, talk with Point and take a team photo at center ice. Point did this on all four sheets so everyone could have a chance, then took the cup to another rink before a private party at family friend Black Swan’s hockey pub.

“People are still telling stories about it,” said friend and childhood teammate Morgan Klimchuk, a former Flames first-round pick. “The fact that he won the Cup and toured the city meant so much to so many people. He made some unscheduled stops, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people here.

“He is very proud of where he comes from.”

As Point strolled the rink, it stirred memories of the start of his hockey career – the days his dad coached him, his peewee prowess in bantam, his notorious naps on car trips to tournaments , then his hat tricks. Before becoming a Stanley Cup champion, a superstar, he cut his teeth in these Calgary rinks.

“In one of the rinks there were pictures of us when we were 6 years old,” Point recalled.