Thirty five years. This is how long the Norm Columns have been inflicted on the twelve loyal readers. Something over 1,500 doses of nonsense with little wisdom and a lot of madness.

The first columns were largely inspired by the weaknesses of F-Troop. Once they left the house, this source diminished. They were always doing stupid things, I just didn’t know them. Then came the grandchildren, Seal Team 7, and they took some of the slack.

Many of the Loyal Twelve are at an age when Team Seal hi-jinks are ringing a bell. Every once in a while I run into one of the Twelve and the conversation goes like this, “Umm… Last week’s column, what was it? The question is usually whispered lest a listening officer hear and accuse the Loyal Reader of lack of self-respect and stupidity.

Recently, some of the Twelve have emailed me their comments. I find this strange for two reasons. First, the NSA reads all of our emails, and, if you ever get a hearing on your mental capacity, it will surely be used against you. Second, most of the Twelve fear computers and view them as evil warning signs of alien invasion.

As you can imagine, I like some topics more than others, but what I like doesn’t necessarily translate into what the Loyal Twelve will like. In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter because I’m writing this mess for myself, a form of therapy because I’m allowed to let off steam, observe and give my opinion on n ‘whatever topic I choose. If you don’t like a particular column, well, you at least have something to wrap around shellcrackers.


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