JAMESTOWN, NY (WIVB) – Undefeated Jamestown looked to continue their perfect home season on Friday night as they hosted Canandaigua in the Regional Class A Wild West.

Goalless until just under five minutes to play in the first. As Canandaigua knocks on Jamestown’s door, the slam goes over Bryan Boldrin’s head! Radon Wright jumps on the loose ball and brings it back to 68 yards for the Red Raider touchdown. It is now 7-0.

A few minutes later, Ryan Gavette takes over and pierces the defense for the score. We are all attached to 7 pieces.

In the second quarter of action now, Boldrin keeps it on his own and trots for the 15-yard TD. Canandaigua takes a 14-7 lead.

But Jamestown responds immediately. Trey Drake with the shovel passes to Jaylen Butera who walks over to the numbers and turns on the jets. Jamestown ties her up at 14.

With just seconds to go in the first half, Butera climbs up and passes the heap on the touchdown to give the Raiders a 21-14 lead at the break.

With that momentum in the second half, Jamestown couldn’t be stopped. In the dying seconds of the third, Butera took the opportunity for his third touchdown of the match. He is now 28-14.

Butera’s last touchdown in the fourth quarter would be the last nail in the Braves’ coffin. Jamestown beats Canandaigua 35-14, including a second-half shutout, to win the Regional Class A Wild West!

“It’s just surreal. Especially to be able to close our last home game with a regional victory, ”said Jamestown senior running back Jaylen Butera. “We just put on a show for our city one last time before we left. This is what we love to do. We owe it to the community, to our coaches, to everyone. “

“We feel good. We knew it was going to be a big test for us, they are the best team we have faced so far, ”said Jamestown head coach Tom Langworthy. “Canandaigua, hats off to them, super well trained, super disciplined. We knew it was going to be a battle, but our kids stepped up when the pieces were in play. It was like we had made these pieces. We worked really hard for that, so it’s good to see these kids succeed in these great times, it’s rewarding as a coach.

“You really can’t put it into words. The whole team has been dreaming since we were in grade school and playing midget football together, we dream of that moment and here we are, ”said Jamestown senior quarterback Trey Drake. “We knew we were going to fight in the sectional championship and we got it, we knew we were going to fight Canandaigua and they fought for us, props for them, it’s a great football team We got the job done tonight, and now we survive and move on to the next game.

The Red Raiders will play the state semifinals next Friday in Syracuse.