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Jamie Foxx spotted with a mysterious blonde on a yacht in the south of France

One thing about Jamie Foxxhe’ll swirl it carefree around the world as one of Hollywood’s biggest canoodlers who’s been spotted with several boo thangs over the past few years.

The 54-year-old actor/singer/entrepreneur/game show host appeared to share kisses with a mysterious blonde while having fun on a yacht in the south of France.

In another photo, Jamie and his mystery daughter could be seen enjoying a jet ski ride with high honeymoon phase energy.

The talented star is currently in France for the Cannes film festival where he shared several FLEXES, including extravagant meals and seafood buffets posted on his Instagram stories.

He also made time for his eldest daughter Corinne Foxx who joined her father for a dad-daughter moment in a restaurant.

You may remember Jamie’s previous relationship with Katie Holmes which ended in May 2019 after six years together.

Months later, he was spotted holding hands with the singer Sela Vave before shooting down dating rumours, claiming their relationship was strictly professional.

Jamie Foxx talks about never getting married

At 54, he seems content to enjoy the single life and spoke of never getting married in October.

“The 2.5 kids, the trim on the station wagon and the cottage, I didn’t think was for me,” he told E! New’ pop of the day.

“A lot of those marriages ended up not going well as the kids got older,” Jamie added. “Unfortunately, we have seen children being fractured by their families. [Our family], we actually got closer. So I don’t know what it is, I just know it’s different but it’s a lot of love.

Do you think Jamie will ever settle down (with a black woman)? Tell us below and take a look at Twitter’s hysteria over its latest swirling spotting on the flip.

“Jamie Foxx said a black woman can’t do anything but point it out to the nearest white woman.

(it’s not true, it’s a joke)” – you know what…

“Boy Jamie Foxx keeps a white woman on his arm. If it’s not snow, it won’t go” – ahhhh