A few weeks ago, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant took issue with ESPN’s Jay Williams after Williams relayed comments from a holiday party he claimed Durant told him. Now Durant tries to set the record straight on another reporter who he says isn’t quite right about something about him.

After Jackie MacMullan continued Bill Simmons podcast To discuss Durant wanting to leave a legacy and specifically mentioning that his goal is to win three championships in Brooklyn, Durant responded on Twitter and took issue with the way the quote was worded as well as the implied friendship MacMullan and Durant allegedly had. because of this quote.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time this month that Durant has tried to set the record straight on something that has been said about him. During the Jay Williams case where Williams claimed Durant told him not to compare him to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Durant said it was “a fucking lie” and that Williams could never speak for him. Williams supported his story but admitted he was probably wrong to publicly share a personal story. Just yesterday, Durant responded to quotes from Scottie Pippen in an interview with GQ where Pippen explained the difference between Durant and LeBron James.

MacMullan’s quote sounded rather harmless and didn’t really make Durant look bad, but if Durant felt that it wasn’t accurate and that she was portraying him inaccurately, then he was totally within his rights. to call.

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