“The season is going to be long”

“You all have to be better, it just can’t happen against kings”

“Please don’t make us unhappy for the third season in a row please”

“we are garbage”

“It’s going to be even worse than last season, isn’t it? Jeanie/Rob unfortunately can’t do this job…”

“It’s the end of the season”

“A class action lawsuit should be filed on behalf of Lakers fans for the horrendous horror of this roster construction. A great job that ruined one of LeBron’s last great years.”


“We play midget basketball against every other team, great job having 3 players 6’1 on the team and shorter than everyone else in every position except center! Great job!”

“I’m glad the team made it clear how bad they were going to be so I won’t have to worry about missing games.”

“So basically we’re screwed this season as well.”

“I know it’s only pre-season…but DAMN WE STINK”


“Looks like a regular season wrap too, this team stinks worse than 4 day California rolls!”

“Until this franchise gets a new owner, it’s not going anywhere. How do you prolong a GM who has had one of the worst trades in NBA history? Buss is running the franchise with his heart instead of his head. Rob is unqualified and doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s shameful.”

“Sitting for years in a row, I could be waving a white flag”

“I finished and the season hasn’t even started, HAM is not that guy”

“Jesus what will happen in the current season”

“Different coach, lots of new players, same approach, it’s going to be a looooong season for this team.”

” Only one word. Shame ! »

Although you can dismiss that result saying it’s only pre-season, that’s what was said last year too, when they were 0-6 and we know how that season ended . The Lakers will also be without Dennis Schroder who has a finger injury and Russell Westbrook, who suffered a hamstring injury late in the first quarter against the Kings.

Schroder’s injury is feared to be long-term, while Westbrook could also be out for a while depending on the severity of his hamstring issue. The Lakers don’t come into the season in good shape and they have to face the Warriors and Clippers in their first 2 games, so things are about to get a lot tougher.