Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James couldn’t be more excited after watching Tom Brady’s decision to retire from the NFL and return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On Instagram, James shared his excitement for the new. He also had the perfect description of the sudden turn of events, describing Brady’s battle against retreat with a fictionalized conversation.

Not so fast, dwarf. Ah retirement!

LeBron James couldn’t have said it better. Tom Brady is as competitive as he’s ever been, and his non-retirement is proof of that. It hasn’t even been two months and he’s already looking forward to returning to NFL football.

Much like the Lakers forward, the rest of the NFL world is equally pleased with TB12’s return for another title shot. Although some may wonder why he retired, it’s really hard to blame Brady since football has been a big part of his life. If you also spend the last 22 years in the grill, it is also difficult to let go.

Simply put, the only thing that will keep Brady from playing football is Father Time when he finally catches up to him.

As for James, he will surely be motivated to see Brady return and defy the odds. He also fights Father Time himself, so Brady’s return could only fuel him even more. Hopefully for the Lakers, that’s enough to propel them to the playoffs.

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