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Over the past year I’ve been bombarded with ads for pills, ointments, and tons of things that presumably will save my life, make my life better, or just make me feel better! I can’t stop looking at these awesome testimonials designed, it seems, to help me thrive and stay alive for a long, long time. In fact, I concluded that if I took all of these remedies or enhancements, I could live to be about 140 years old. Some of the more recent advertisements include healthcare solutions based on combining one or more pills together. An advertisement combines five different ingredients in a single pill. Such a recipe would cover you from dawn to dusk. Maybe they’ll produce a single pill 24/7 that will last you a whole week. An advertisement touted the value of a remedy taken twice a year. I wonder if there’s an annual Oscar contest for “best” commercial. Recently, I started counting the number of different advertisements. I remembered about five, then 10. I stopped counting at 15. Maybe we don’t need doctors anymore (just kidding!). Although these testimonials are very convincing, the recommended products are expensive. Under this constant barrage of advertisements, I must confess that I couldn’t resist trying something that would help my memory. Unfortunately, I can’t remember to take the pills, but I remember how much I paid for them. Finally, and most importantly, remember the disclaimers that come with many of these proposed “Life Savers”. Some warnings seem to include a list of almost every possible existing condition that could be aggravated by the suggested product, including your future health. For women, a warning like “Do not take this product if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.” Wow! Pretty scary stuff!

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The 36th Bob Baish Memorial Golf Tournament was held on July 16 at the Cumberland Golf Course. This makes it the longest charity tournament held on this course.

Bob was a local businessman, owner of Bob Baish Body and Glass Shop, and was a huge sports fan and community supporter. Bob died in 1988 at the age of 56. Bob was a force behind the launch of the midget football program in Big Spring and very active in other youth sports, such as being president and referee of the Newville Little League and a PIAA official in Big Spring. High school and YMCA swimming and diving events.

After 38 years since his passing, I think the best tribute to Bob is for 36 years, the 144 golfers, the loyal sponsors and the dedicated volunteers who keep this tournament going in Bob’s honor. Thank you for 36 years to our loyal sponsors and to the work of the committee made up of Bill Farmer, Roger Kelly, Ken Wiser and family. This year was especially special as grandson Colton Ewing’s team was one of the winners!

Life is touched by tragedy at some point in everyone’s life and you may need support and care. Hospice is always there to provide support, strength and care to anyone in need. The Baish family hopes this golf tournament will always be enjoyed by the 144 golfers who help support this worthy cause. With the support of everyone, Jim and Dick Baish, Jane Baish Ewing, Bob’s children thank everyone and are able to donate $6,000 this year to the local Central Pennsylvania Hospice to help families in the need.