MOUNT CARMEL – After scoring a touchdown, which he has done eight times this season, Mount Carmel follower Julien Stellar has even more reason to be excited beyond six points on the scoreboard.

And he feels the same when a teammate scores.

The senior does more than just carry the soccer ball for the Red Tornadoes.

Much more.

He’s also the kicker, as well as the kicker, and the team’s second tackle from his position as middle linebacker.

Mount Carmel coach John Darrah said: “He’s definitely doing a lot for us. He has played a multitude of positions throughout his career. Besides the running back and linebacker, he lines up for us as a short distance quarterback in our Wildcat package, and he gives extra points, so sometimes it’s hard to find ways to get him out of the box. ground.

Stellar is a team-oriented guy and his goal, like most, is for the team to win. But he’s also aiming for the school’s all-time record for extra kicks.

Stellar converted 106 PAT during his career after eclipsing his predecessor, Rocco Mangiapane, who placed second with 101, at Southern Columbia two weeks ago.

Next, record holder Mike Sinkovich with 118 PAT and 133 total hitting points.

“That’s my goal, to get number 1, and I’m 13 years old to have the most extra points at Mount Carmel,” he said. “Coming into my senior year, and since my first year, this was one of my all-time goals.

“Coming into a game I’ll be happy if I score a touchdown, but when all the other guys score too I’m happy because in the next game I can hit the extra point and put in another. dot on the board, ”he added.

“He’s been doing this for a long time, and he’s very consistent, so it’s something that we expect every time he walks in,” said Darrah.

Sinkovich has kicked five career baskets while Stellar has three (in three attempts), all in his second season.

He and Darrah both recognize that there aren’t many situations that require high school placement trials, but they don’t hesitate to try it out if necessary.

Darrah said that in addition to his skills on the pitch, Stellar is an excellent student.

“We like to run the ball so on the fourth and 1, third and 1,” Stellar said. “We usually always go, when we’re in our 30s.”

Although his longest field goal in a game was 29 yards, Steller said his longest in practice was 50.

“I am a consistent 43 to 46,” he said.

Unlike many high school kickers, Stellar was not a football player, but he did say he had been playing football since he started playing in the midget program. They didn’t give any extra points, but he handled the kickoffs.

“I didn’t score a basket until I was in junior high,” he said.

“I’ve always had a pretty strong leg and I’ve been working with my kicking coach, Coach (Bill) Joraskie, since I was in seventh or eighth grade,” Stellar said. “He showed me a lot more technique, what if I have a bad day, what to change.

“We put in working hours during the summer and during my six years scoring field goals and scoring extra points.

Joraskie played for the undefeated Mount Carmel teams in 1972 and 1973, and his sons, Billy, Austin, Adam and Eric, all played football for the Red Tornadoes.

Stellar started the season 12 for 12 in the PAT and is now 19 of 22.

Kicking can be as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and Stellar has an outlet for those times when you’re missing an extra point.

“If I miss one then I usually kick off and that’s when I’m going to let it all go because I’m really upset that I missed the extra point and try to hit. the ball as far as possible, “he said. .

He also credits his holder, the starting junior from free safety Garrett Varano.

“(The next kick) is like any other kick and it’s been holding me for three years now. We have a ritual. We hit just before everyone else and it’s like a normal hit every time.

Stellar, a quarterback for much of his career, now lines up alongside quarterback Pedro Feliciano in the Red Tornadoes offense, and the two dynamics have become a consistent double. Feliciano ran for 427 yards on 81 carries, while Stellar has 392 on 71 carries.

But Stellar is even happier when playing defense.

“I like hitting people rather than crushing them,” said the 5-foot-9, 185-pound linebacker.

This enthusiasm can be seen in the statistics. Stellar is second on the team behind Thomas Davitt with 44 tackles, including 10 for loss. He has two sacks and a pair of fumble picks.

Davitt took the lead with 47 saves after an 11 tackle performance against Bloomsburg last week.

With his combination of kicking and running the ball, Stellar, son of Ed and Shelly Stellar, has scored 73 of his team’s 165 points as the Red Tornadoes 4-2 prepare to welcome Danville, led by the former Red Tornadoes coach Mike Brennan at the Silver Bowl tonight.

Stellar also plays basketball and baseball, and he would love the chance to play the latter in college. But, he said, he would also consider football.

“If I had the opportunity to play baseball and also play for the football team, I wouldn’t let it go,” he said. “I definitely would.”

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