The all-new Aura electric roadster returned to the market after four different brands of British car manufacturers worked on the model to make it a green and environmentally friendly car. it looks like an MG Midget or a Triumph Spitfire. The eco-friendly features it includes are an aerosculpted, roofless and windowless bio-composite hull, a fully electric powertrain, and an efficiency-boosting HMI with a range of 400 miles.

This was done because the times of corona had put an end to the operations of these companies. Astheimer Design, BAMD Composites, Conjure and Potenza Technologies started working on the model last year. The project was funded by the UK government’s Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles through the Niche Vehicle Network. The companies recently released a handcrafted version of their concept car.

The goal was to make a sports car that was respectful of the atmosphere and the companies understood and delivered the mission. Instead of one, two 44 kWh battery packs were used, one in the front and the other under the donor chassis of the space structure. The Aura offers lively handling due to its combination of rear-wheel drive and neutral weight distribution.

The chassis top is made from a lightweight natural fiber composite and has rear wheel covers to improve aerodynamic performance. The lightweight, aerodynamic packaging makes it easier for the car to reach its estimated range of 400 miles (644 km).

Charging takes four hours using the 22 kW portable charger. Important information such as remaining range and weather is displayed inside the steering wheel on a circular, self-leveling 5-inch screen. The display works in conjunction with the 10-inch navigation infotainment screen via a single mainframe running Android Automotive. The computer processes driving conditions, the driver’s profile, nearby charging points to make perfect use of energy. It also directs drivers to charging stations along the route.

The Aura car was presented at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Show this week at the Millbrook Proving Grounds. A test drive will be scheduled from Edinburgh to London. The trip can be tracked on their website and via Instagram at @ aura.concept.car.


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