DICKINSON — Dickinson High School star Alex Dvorak signed his letter of intent with the University of Mary on Wednesday morning. The exceptional 6’1″ guard, has signed up for this Division II team which he considers the right step towards his ultimate dream of a career in professional basketball.

His choice to sign speaks to his own desire to grow in his skills, talents and mindset with the support of a team culture that advocates development. He is excited to show what he can offer the team, as a true leader with a positive mindset.

“I think it’s the right step because I’m going to a university and a place where I feel like the coaches, the players and the people around me have the best interest for me,” said Dvorak. “I spoke to a former UMary player who just became DI… With what they’re doing with their program and their guys, I think their attacking game gives me the best ability to show my strength and really open things up for me.”

Dvorak is back as the top performing athlete in Class A with an average of 23.6 points last season. He’s also in the top 10 for most steals (45) and three-pointers (67). His talent has made him a revered athlete, sought after by UMary since he was an underclass.

His biggest goal this year will be to hone his leadership and communication skills, build his team for a successful season, and improve for UMary.

“Being the best leader I can be. I feel like I’m on the right track, I just have to keep learning how to talk to some kids on the team. Everyone’s personality is different, so you have to lead people differently,” Dvorak said. “I just want to steer them in the right direction and set an example for all the kids coming in. I want to show them the right way to be a leader and to play.”

His philosophy of discipline, hard work and communication goes beyond the court with a direct link to his educational goals and what he plans to study at UMary.

He will be working towards a degree in sports and recreation management, with an added desire to study sports psychology – a growing field that has piqued his interest.

“Sports psychology usually helps kids get over an injury, if they have confidence issues or if they’re having trouble balancing schoolwork and their athleticism,” Dvorak said. “I love learning how the mind works and adding some sport on top of that…It’s a newer area, but I think it’s really cool.”

Dvorak said proximity to home is definitely an advantage, but not an influential factor. His decision to start his college career at UMary was based on a strong relationship with UMary coaches who share his goals.

“They want to see me succeed, even if I go out there and do good and keep working my way to my NBA dream. I feel like they’re going to be everything for me. They just want to see me succeed, as a person and as a player,” Dvorak said. “You can’t ask for anything more than that.”

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