Justin Robidas and Bobby Orr have been kind enough to take the time to talk to Canes Country about their time in Raleigh so far and the season ahead.

Interview with Justin Robidas

Explain to us where you were when you found out you had been selected by the Hurricanes? How did he feel?

I was with my family and friends with a huge TV in the bedroom. We were all together and I was really excited. It was a great day for us.

Your dad had a long career in the NHL, was he one of your biggest inspirations and teachers growing up?

For sure. I grew up in the hockey mentality and had the chance to go to the ice and meet the NHL players every day. Being around this every day inspired me and gave me a love for the game. My dad taught me a lot on and off the ice and was a major influence.

It’s been a bit shortened year for your QMJHL team, but you still managed to put together an impressive draft year. In what ways are you looking to improve as you approach next season?

We had to play a short season and the playoffs, but it was still a season. I want to get stronger, build muscle and work my full game. Shoot, skate and improve everything else.

This is the first NHL camp you have attended. What are some of the differences between an NHL camp and a QMJHL camp and what have you been able to learn so far?

For me, it’s that the little details matter. Sometimes you can get by without doing the little things in the juniors, but those little things will separate you from the rest of the pros. You can be the best player on your junior team, but once you get to the NHL camps everyone is the best player on their junior team, so you have to work a lot harder to stand out.

How did you like Raleigh?

I’ve never been there and it’s a big city. I haven’t seen much but it looks really cool. It is magnificent and I look forward to discovering it in the next few years.

You were recently named captain of the Foreurs. Can you tell us about your team and what it means to be named captain?

It is an honor. So they can trust me [to name me captain] is huge. We have a great group of guys and I’m delighted to be leading them. I want to teach these kids what it takes to run a deep run and I want to help them become better hockey players. For them, having the confidence to name me is special.

What area of ​​your game do you find a little underestimated?

It’s delicate. For me that would be my size. People see this as a downside. In some ways it does, but if I use it correctly I can use it to my advantage. People might put me down for it, but I think I can still make an impact.

What are some things you like to do outside of hockey?

I like playing other sports like basketball, soccer, soccer. I will also watch sports and play golf in the summers.

Interview with Bobby Orr

First off, congratulations on being drafted by the Hurricanes. Could you tell us where you were when you found out and how you felt?

Like Justin, I was with my family, friends and an old coach. We all shared this moment together and were waiting for it to happen. I was so excited and everyone was proud. I am honored to be part of the organization.

How did you get into hockey and who were your favorite players to watch growing up?

My parents put me in a bunch of sports growing up, but hockey was the one that fascinated me the most. I liked him the most and wanted to keep playing. My family and I are huge Canadiens fans and I loved watching Koivu. Playing hockey was in our blood, it seems.

Your team had its ups and downs last season. What were your main lessons from last season that you can build on for next season?

Last season we were the youngest team in the CHL, but we tried to improve every day and prove people wrong. I’ve learned from a lot of guys who have played pro (at camp) to focus on the little things and keep improving every day. Obviously this year I want to focus on getting stronger, more explosive and working on my shot. I want to work hard every day and do what I can to help the team win.

What was the biggest difference for you during an NHL camp?

The pace of the game is very different. The intensity is high and you are playing with older guys which is difficult. They are stronger, so you need to be able to keep up and work hard. I think I can. I try to make the right plays and follow their example. It’s a big step between the two levels.

Is this your first trip to Raleigh? How did you like it so far?

I’ve never been to Raleigh before, actually. We haven’t explored too much, but I would love to do so in the next couple of years. The facilities the Canes have are amazing and I try to have fun here.

You’ve spent time on a line with Nashville prospect Zachary L’Heureux this season. Are you going to be a little more competitive against him this weekend?

We grew up playing against each other playing midget hockey, but it’s been a long time. We’re good friends now, which will be different. We text each other a lot so it will be fun.

What are some things you like to do outside of hockey?

For me, I love to play golf. I am a great golf player and I also love to watch him. I play other sports with my friends in the summer. We have a house by the lake and we are going to get out on the boat and have a great time.

The Prospect Showcase will begin Saturday at 10 a.m. ET.

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