HIGH EARTH, Ind. (WTWO / WAWV) – For the kids dreaming of becoming a pilot, the Quarter Midget Nationals offered aspiring pros the chance to show off their skills.

Hundreds of cars from as far away as California filled the Hulman Mini Speedway in Terre Haute. League President Travis Norris said this weekend is all about giving young drivers the opportunity to do what they love.

“They’re really competing not only to be the best in the country, but also to be better and move on to other classes later,” Norris said. “Some of those names you see here this weekend will be NASCAR drivers and Indy Car drivers.”

For many, running is a family sport. Norris says he knows firsthand the work it takes to win a race.

“The kids really give it to themselves and the parents put it on themselves too, but it’s just better to let the kids do what they’re doing and give them 100 percent and they’ll give it back 110 “Norris said.

An event of this magnitude not only raises the level of competition, but also generates local income.

“In my 28 years, we have had six national championships. These children come here and these families for several days, which is unusual for our community and therefore the impact is probably in the order of three quarters of a million dollars, ”said David Patterson, Executive Director of Earth. High Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Patterson says these events are a great marketing tool for other organizations looking to host events in Terre Haute.

“Things like this help all the other sites in our community. At any time, you can host something of national significance. It helps us with international offerings, ”Patterson said. “It’s going to help light up the Griffin Bike Park because when they rush, when they search Terre Haute on the web, these things show up. It shows capabilities.

The THQMA also offers scholarships to runners and works with runners who may have a disability.