It’s Christmas in July as the queens compete in a holiday-themed supercharge challenge…

Last week, our all-star winners grabbed their sewing machines and hot glue guns as part of this season’s second design challenge. La Vivienne was a bit sorry for blocking Jinkx, because we all know design challenges are its one and only weakness. Jaida and Trinity won top prizes for their legendary caption looks, but it was Trinity who got the top queen of the week and awarded Yvie the platinum plunger, making her ineligible to receive her third star pin at the challenge this week. The competition heats up this week with an acting challenge. Let’s go.

This week’s episode begins in the labor room and Trinity celebrates joining the two-star club, and Jaida celebrates her third (making her the first queen to have a threesome). Trinity would have three stars if Shea hadn’t blocked her in the first episode. A newly blocked Yvie enters the room and asks Trinity why she chose to block her. Trinity tells her it was a matter of logistics, which Yvie accepts. Everyone’s doing the math to figure out how many challenges they’ll need to be among the best to qualify for the finals, and the numbers aren’t good. The race for star pins is more intense than ever. Who will win one this week?

It’s the next day and the queens are entering the labor room and Jinkx is feeling optimistic for this week. Ru interrupts to tell the queens what to expect for this week’s main challenge. For this week’s maxi, they’ll star in a new cult classic Santa’s School for Girls, which is part holiday flick, part slasher, and part teen comedy. Since Trinity won last week’s challenge, she will assign the roles. Everyone heads to the couches to read the script and choose their roles. There is a bit of a fight for one of the roles between Jinkx and Monét. The two audition for the band, and while Jinkx is better for the role, the twins’ alliance slips through and the part is given to Monét. La Viv is thrilled to have landed her first-choice role and has BIG plans for how she will play it. Raja is thrilled with the aesthetics of her role and can’t wait to roll her eyes during filming. Jaida and Yvie talk about the logistics of winning this challenge with a lot of the big players in the group. Trinity checks on Jinkx and apologizes for not giving her any of the roles she wanted, but Jinkx says she’s fine and will make sure she still shines in her small role.

It’s time to film, and the queens head to the set where they’re greeted by their directors Ru and this week’s special guest writer and director Janicza Bravo. La Vivienne and Shea are the first and although Janicza is impressed with Viv’s performance, she says Shea could be more catchy with her lines. They move on to the next scene and Monét needs a bit of direction but ends up nailing his character.

Filming ends with all the queens confident in their jobs. After a little break, it’s track day and everyone can’t wait to see the finished movie. Everyone compliments each other on their performance and Trinity mentions that there are still a few queens that haven’t been blocked yet. Jaida is campaigning not to be blocked because she already has three stars and that’s probably enough to get her to the finals, but no one else is buying her.

On the main stage, Ru interrupts this week’s judging panel, Michelle, Ross, and this week’s guest, Janicza Bravo. On the runway, the category is “Knitty Knitty Bang Bang” and the queens strut their stuff in stunning knit dresses and clothes, and I can only imagine how warm it is wearing wool under the lights of the scene.

After everyone has walked the runway, it’s time for the world premiere of Santa’s School For Girls. One thing is for sure, they are a strong queens group when it comes to acting and there were no weak performances in the entire film. Judge’s criticisms begin with La Vivienne. Michelle tells him that she enjoyed her performance so much, which the rest of the judges agree with (they also like her runway look). Ru tells Shea that her outfit will fall in drag race story, and the judges say she did a great job with her recalled performance. Janicza tells Yvie that she is playful and Michelle tells her that her look is gorgeous this week. Ross tells Jinkx that she has an incredible ability to let us know who she is immediately. The judges tell her she did a great job adding texture to her small role in the film. Janicza tells Trinity that she was so much fun to watch and perform in the film. Ross tells her that her commitment to the dumb character has really paid off. Michelle loves her knitted look. Ross loves Monét’s cool teacher roll and tells her she didn’t miss any of his funny lines. Michelle tells her that her knitted look is unique to Monét. The judges tell Jaida that she had very high attention to detail with her nerdy character. Michelle tells him that she played the character of Raja very well. Michelle gets her Big Comfy Couch reference and it gives Lunette some reality.

Finally, Ru tells Raja that her outfit is to die for, and all the judges agree. Michelle tells her that her character Scrooge was HILARIOUS, and Janicza praises her for how big she played her character. Everyone did REALLY well on this challenge, which should make it really easy for the judges to pick the top two.

After the judge’s deliberations, Ru announces that the top two stars of the week are The Vivienne and Raja! Each of them earned another legendary legend star and one step closer to the lip-sync grand finale. First, the two tops must lip-synch for their inheritance (and ten thousand dollars/blocking powers). Raja and Viv lip-synch to Rick James’ “Superfreak” and after a spirited performance that included a wet t-shirt element, Ru announces that the top star of the week is Raja! At the end of the episode, Raja chooses the platinum plunger to prevent Jaida from receiving a star next week.

In the next episode of all stars: The queens are creating their own viral dance challenges on social media, and the plunger game is still going strong.

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