The $ 1million up for grabs race returns on Thursday, June 9, 2022, creating an epic model’s dream week

ROSSBURG, Ohio (November 18, 2021) – Eldora Speedway® and its official live streaming partner, FloSports, a leader in sports streaming and original content, today announced the return of The Eldora Million®, one of the most legendary events in the history of the steeply inclined half-mile sacred clay oval.

For the second time only – Thursday, June 9, 2022 – the blue-collar superstars of the Dirt Late Model race will compete for the million dollar winner’s purse.

The Eldora Million® will feature a full schedule of qualifying races, last-ditch showdowns and culminate with the championship title at $ 1,002,022 up for grabs. The initial standings for Thursday’s qualifying races will be established on Wednesday, June 8, through a tournament-style introductory feature program.

The combination of two giant shows – The Eldora Million® and the 28th edition of the $ 128,000 Dirt Late Model Dream® to be won on Saturday June 11 – over the span of four days, creates one of the most popular open competition events. richest in motorsport history with listed prices already exceeding $ 1.9 million.

“I said from the first day I took possession of Eldora that we want to make Earl and Berneice proud and continue to push the boundaries of promoting the race. I can’t think of a better way to honor their legacy than to bring the Eldora Million® once again for our longtime riders and fans as well as a whole new generation who haven’t heard of it ” , said Tony Stewart, owner of the track. . “And I couldn’t do it without our phenomenal partnership with Mark Floreani and his team at FloSports. I love working with them to grow our sport, showcase our events, and create engaging content for our fans on FloRacing and the entire FloSports subscriber base.

All four days of action from the 28th Dirt Late Model Dream® Week, including The Eldora Million® on Thursday June 9 and the 28th Dirt Late Model Dream® on Saturday June 11, will be available worldwide exclusively on FloRacing, Eldora’s official live streaming partner.

“Tony Stewart and his team continue to raise the bar with their incredible events at legendary Eldora Speedway,” said Mark Floreani, CEO and co-founder of FloSports. “Their commitment to motorsport has been integral to the growth of FloRacing and we are proud to support their mission to bring the sport to an even wider audience around the world. “

It was February 2000 when the inimitable promoter and founder of Eldora Speedway, the late Earl Baltes, stood up at the annual monthly race promotion workshops in Daytona Beach, Fla. And shocked the industry. by announcing that he would pay an unprecedented million dollars to the winner of a Dirt Late Model race next October. However, a combination of heavy rain, wet soils and unusually cold temperatures for the season forced the event to be postponed to Saturday June 9, 2001 – in place of the 8th Dirt Late Model Dream®.

Fan favorite Donnie Moran, four-time World 100® winner and native of Dresden, Ohio, triumphed by overtaking Don O’Neal of Martinsville, Indiana, a potential Dirt Late Model Dream® champion, with slide work for the lead on lap 25 to lead the remaining 74 laps, forever earning the nickname “The Million Dollar Man – Donnie Moran!” Now, just over 20 years later, Moran’s son Devin and O’Neal’s son Hudson are two of the young lions making up the next generation of stars in the Dirt Late Model ranks. .

“With today’s confirmation there will indeed be a sequel to The Eldora Million®, our great team here in Eldora have now finalized the 2022 major events ticketing and camping calendar. We appreciate the patience of our loyal fans, and renewal notifications will start appearing in their patron accounts and via email early next week for their 2022 ticket and camping renewals, ”said General Manager Roger Slack. “As with everything these days, it took a little longer than expected to deliver all the details of a week of events of this magnitude. Our team wanted everything to run smoothly and to ensure an expedited renewal process for the many customers who hold tickets for each of our major events. “

Customers who had tickets for the Dirt Late Model Dream 2021 – the 27th edition, held on Wednesday June 9 and Thursday June 10, 2021 – will have the first opportunity to purchase those same seats for The Eldora Million® in as part of the event renewal process.

The public sale of tickets and campsites for all major events of 2022 will begin on Saturday, December 18 at 10:00 a.m. EST exclusively at www.EldoraSpeedway.com, where fans can also register. to receive the latest news by e-mail or SMS. The latest event information, including race day schedule and weather updates, can be found on the official @EldoraSpeedway accounts on social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

To access live and on-demand FloRacing coverage of Eldora Million®, Dirt Late Model Dream®, World 100®, 4-Crown Nationals®, and more from Eldora Speedway, as well as Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, every USAC National Series event, and the entire FloRacing All Star Circuit of Champions® program, visit FloRacing.com to become an annual PRO subscriber. The annual subscription unlocks access to premium content and live events across the FloSports network. Watch the events on any screen by downloading the FloSports app from Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, the App Store, and Google Play Store.


DISPLAYED PRICES – WEDNESDAY JUNE 8 – $ 118,100 (minimum)

PRELIMINARY QUALIFICATION FEATURES: $ 12,000 to be won / $ 1,000 to start

DISPLAYED PRICES – THU. JUNE 9 – $ 1,342,185

THE MILLION ELDORA: 1st) $ 1,002,022… plus a commemorative trophy for the driver and owner; 2e) $ 100,000; 3rd) $ 50,000; 4th) $ 25,000; 5th) $ 15,000; 6th) $ 12,500; 7th) $ 10,000; 8th) $ 8,750; 9e) $ 8,000; 10th) $ 7,500; 11e) $ 6,500; 12e) $ 6,000; 13th) $ 5,875; 14e) $ 5,850; 15th) $ 5,822; 16th) $ 5,800; 17th) $ 5,675; 18th) $ 5,622; 19th) $ 5,600; 20th) $ 5,475; 21) $ 5,450; 22 (e) $ 5,422; 23rd) $ 5,400; and 24e) $ 5,022.


About Eldora Speedway: In 1954, renowned conductor and owner of the Eldora Ballroom Earl Baltes carved a quarter-mile flat clay oval out of the cornfield that stood in the natural amphitheater between the Ohio SR 118 and the Wabash River. Over the next 50 years, enterprising Baltes and his wife Berneice took Eldora Speedway from its humble roots to national prominence by promoting events no other promoter dared imagine on the Oval. dirt half a mile high.

As the popularity of off-road racing increased in the late 1990s, new multi-million dollar facilities appeared and companies began to encourage Baltes to buy Eldora. However, in Baltes’ mind there was only one choice – and in Earl Baltes manner – in the spring of 2004, he contacted a brash young runner who had tamed the Eldora shallows in as a pilot en route to the USAC National Championships. and IndyCar, 2002 NASCAR Cup Series champion Tony Stewart. As Stewart’s track career skyrocketed, he passionately reinvested in corporate ventures involving his beloved dirt run, starting with racing teams in 2001. Somehow another, the two prominent personalities who have always drawn crowds of sympathizers to Eldora, managed to keep their discussions quiet and the famous promoter and superstar pilot announced the transfer of ownership in November 2004.

Now entering its 18th year under the ownership of Tony Stewart, Eldora Speedway will host its 69th racing season in 2022. The full schedule of events, including ticket and camping information, will be posted as soon as it becomes available on www.EldoraSpeedway.com. Racing fans can join a community of over 1,000,000 people around the world who have behind-the-scenes access by following @EldoraSpeedway on social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Exclusive video content posted on www.youtube.com/EldoraSpeedway has over 8.2 million views.

Every event at Eldora Speedway is available live. Racing fans can tune in to the World 100®, Dirt Late Model Dream®, 4-Crown Nationals®, The Eldora Million®, and more at FloRacing.com or their favorite screen through the FloSports app. FloRacing is the official live streaming partner of Eldora Speedway.

About FloSports: Founded in 2006, FloSports is a dedicated sports subscription video streaming service, providing live, on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of competitive events in over 25 vertical sport categories in the States. -United and abroad. The mission of FloSports is to give underserved sports the love they deserve. With a growing library of over 300,000 hours of premium content including news, expert commentary, movies, documentaries and more, FloSports has established itself as an innovator and leader in sports streaming. Finally, your sport has a home. For more information, please visit: flosports.tv.

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