At the 2021 International Maritime Defense Show, Malakhit Marine Engineering Office (St. Petersburg, Russia) disclosed details of Piranha class submarine Serval. The project is being proactively developed for other exports. The designers name the air independent power plant (AIPP) based on a gas turbine generator as a key feature of the submarine. When moving underwater, such AIPP operates in closed cycle mode using liquid oxygen reserves. Serval is intended for sabotage actions. The submarine is equipped with an airlock for combat divers, and a Class Triton dwarf submarine.

Information on new submarines developed by Malakhit was published in the company’s 2020 annual report. The office formed the design of a nuclear powered submarine Gorgon and an air independent submarine Serval.

The 10th International Maritime Defense Show took place from June 23 to 27 at the Expoforum Congress & Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg. More than 20 events, including 4 scientific conferences, were organized as part of the exhibition’s business program. The Russian Navy ships were presented to the participants and delegations at the docks of the passenger terminal of the St. Petersburg seaport on Vasilyevsky Island (the waterfront).


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