Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill admitted Wednesday that he would not have received the COVID-19 vaccine without NFL protocols.

“You look around and almost everyone has been vaccinated or in the process of being vaccinated” Tannehill said following the practice of the team. “I’m currently in the process right now. The NFL has made it clear what they want to happen. If you don’t line up they will try to make your life miserable because of protocol.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine without the protocols they impose on us. I think it’s a personal decision for each of us. They try to force our hand and ultimately forced a lot of hands through the protocols. It is what it is. “

As of Wednesday, 86.9% of players had received at least one injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, a source said Athleticism. Across the NFL, 18 teams have an immunization rate of 90% or more and three teams have less than 70%, the source added.

Last week, the league announced that NFL teams with a COVID-19 outbreak will be forced to forgo their games if they cannot be rescheduled in the current 18-week schedule, according to a note from Commissioner Roger. Goodell. The losing team will be credited with a loss that will ultimately affect the playoff seeds.

Tannehill joins ranks of other NFL players who have spoken out about the vaccine and the league’s new policies to get it.

Broad Cardinals Deandre Hopkins said in a now deleted tweet that being put in a position to injure his team because he didn’t want to get the shot had made him question his future in the NFL, while the Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette has simply stated that he will not get the vaccine.


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