According to a study, sharing your food can make you gain more weight. A team of Canadian students has found that people are less aware of the calories they are consuming when eating from shared plates. Diners don’t feel like they “own” the food and end up “mentally disassociating the calories from their consequences,” the researchers found.

Oldest turtle ever honored

Jonathan the Giant Tortoise, the world’s oldest living land animal, has won another Guinness World Records title. Celebrating his 190th birthday this year, Jonathan is now the oldest turtle ever. The previous oldest tortoise was Tu’i Malila, who lived to be at least 188 years old. Presented to the Tongan Royal Family by Captain Cook in the 1700s, Tu’i Malila remained in their care until her death in 1965.

M&S removes the term ‘dwarf’ from sweets

Marks & Spencer has changed the name of its Midget Gems sweets to avoid offending people with dwarfism. The supermarket chain has renamed the sweets Mini Gems after a leading disability studies academic warned that ‘dwarf’ can be a ‘very problematic’ term. Activists also demanded that Amazon remove novelty items from its website that use the term “midget”, including keychains and I Love Midgets t-shirts.