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CRE Racing, based in the South West Slopes regional town of Young in New South Wales, is actively planning for the upcoming Sprintcar and Wingless Sprintcar season.

After a successful development this season, the team placed in the top four in Sprintcar and achieved excellent results in Sprint without wings.

The family team led by Andrew and Kylie Dorahy with son-in-law/son Coby Elliott the driver and owner with his parents as well as his grandfather Kevin Shepherd a retired mechanic with many years of track experience of speed, offers everyone involved an opportunity to live their dreams, especially Coby who dreamed of driving a Sprintcar since he was a child.

To get to where he is today behind the wheel of a Sprintcar, Elliott gained many experiences over a wide and varied racing career.

Elliott’s motorsport career began when he was just six years old as a motocross racer.

From Motocross, Elliott moved on to the Karting circuit at the age of nine before being ready to discover the Speedway at the age of eleven.

His family did everything in their power to raise Coby in his Sprintcar career, his Speedway career despite his life at Young was tougher than most, he had to compete at Victoria week after week to accumulate his experiences.

It started as a Junior Quarter Midget racer in Victoria where Elliott competed frequently at Avalon Raceway and eventually won the prestigious 120cc Australian Grand Prix as well as sought after awards such as the Most Respected Rider and Chief Steward awards. .

At the age of thirteen, Elliott moved into a Junior Standard Saloon to continue racing across Victoria, competing with an eight-cylinder engine against others under the age of sixteen.

Determined to succeed as a Sprintcar racer as soon as possible, Elliott missed the next two Speedway seasons as he set out to gain experience with Wingless Sprint practice sessions, unable to compete in the competition due to his age.

As soon as Elliott turned sixteen, he raced in Wingless Sprints for a season and then sold the car to continue focusing on reaching the Sprintcar division.

During the 2018/19 season, Elliott and the CRE Racing team spent time building their own Sprintcar, apart from an opportunity to attend two race meetings towards the end of the season to acquire some fuel. experience.

2019/20 became the CRE Racing team’s first season as a Sprintcar team.

The team competed primarily at Valvoline Raceway with some of the toughest racers week after week.

Covid and constant rain in eastern Australia including Sydney has plagued the team in the 2020/21 season with many event cancellations so the team has built a sprint without wings and managed to attend seventeen meetings across New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Australia. Capital Territory.

Elliott took a race win at Canberra and finished in the top ten five times.

This 2021/22 season, the team was scheduled to take part in twenty-one meetings spread over nine Sprintcar events and a dozen Wingless Sprints.

Another terrible season of weather cancellations resulted in eight meetings being canceled and Elliott racing the Wingless eight times and the Sprintcar five times.

One of the highlights of the season was taking part in one of Australia’s and the world’s most famous and prestigious Sprintcar racing meetings, the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at Warrnambool.

Just competing on the famously fast circuit with so much quality competition has instilled so much confidence and experience.

A schedule for the 22/23 season has yet to be finalized, but the team are looking to compete as much as they can stretch their budget to allow them to do so.

In the meantime, the team is rebuilding both cars and investing in more parts in preparation.

Among the tracks Elliott looks forward to competing on frequently is the Eastern Creek Speedway complex.

It’s fast and unforgiving, it can be tough on the equipment, but it’s a beautiful facility, so the team will focus on wingless sprint competition at the ECS.

Supporters have the opportunity to invest in CRE Racing for the coming season.

Andrew, Kylie and Coby will answer inquiries and work out a package to please you based on what you would like to get in return.

After a fourth-place finish in the Sprintcars at Grafton and consistent results in the Wingless Sprint, Elliott is on course for consistent podium finishes behind the wheel, and maybe that “W” in the Sprintcars.

Keep an eye out for Coby Elliott and the CRE Racing team this season.

CRE Racing greatly appreciates the support of the 21/22 season from;
Natures Way Gardening and Maintenance Services
Highline69 Highway Services
Grasmere Performance Services
Kellermeier family
Hessions Auto Parts Grafton and Coffs Harbor
Mazdog Race
Blue Ribbon Poultry
Pinnacle Graffix signs and skins
The Warrnambool Tire Factory
Graeme Hull Smash Repairs
Eliminator Race Wings

Written by Speedcafe DMT Sports Media Contributor – Dean Thompson

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