Home renovations have become the latest trend in recent years, and soccer fields are no exception.

Over the past decade, a high school with an old stadium has been renovated and repaired to improve not only the player experience but the fan experience as well.

In addition, moving from one turf to another is a huge benefit not only for football, but also for other sports and communities.

Last summer Ada, Bath and Delphos (coaches talk about new turf preview) all added turf to the pitch just for that purpose and are hopeful that this trend will continue.

Four Western Backeye League teams currently have lawns, and all four Northwest Conference teams have lawns, and each of those schools has the great advantage of adding throat grass.

Bath head football coach Ryan Reindel is excited about the transition from turf to turf. Discussions about the changes in Bath took place around eight months ago when athletic director Kamsterley and director Rich Ducken worked with the Bath Board of Education to bring the project to fruition. 2

“The advantage of Turf is that it’s an organization for practice, but I think that’s how it helps all the programs,” said Rheindel. “Soccer teams will join us and baseball and softball teams will be available in the spring. You don’t have to worry about the rain.

“There are 7 grass games, 2 grass games and 5 home games this year, but to get used to playing on the field on Friday night, you have to practice on the grass. Go to the lawn.

Rheindel said this was a trend and that he was watching other schools move.

At Ada, in principle, Dan Lee was one of the reasons Ada decided to switch to turf, repeating what Rheindel said.

“I think we were excited about the wide range of grassroots impacts it has on our community and the myriad extracurricular activities,” Lee said. “One of the things we really wanted to do was know that the football facility was of a high standard, with announcements, seating, lighting and high quality. It benefits football. It’s great what our group is doing. It’s also talking to local schools and it’s also beneficial for their softball and baseball programs.

“We are excited about what it is. I think it looks pretty sharp.

Repair of Wapaconeta

Wapaconeta is one of the schools that added sod at the start when it was added in 2010 and re-added in 2020.

“I wanted a multi-faceted playing field where I didn’t have to worry about the weather,” said Bradlex, athletic director for Redskin. “The clay court was torn up every year because it was used by our junior high school kids, our Midget Soccer, and at that point we were still hosting the playoffs, so they rowdy the playoffs. I got to see him evolve, so if you get that as an extra incentive you can get a lucky playoff game. “

In addition to the pitch, Wapaconeta will renovate its stands and press rooms in 2020 and is actively working on an approach to establish one of the best stadiums in the region.

“When Mike Watt was sporting director, we were working on a stadium project. He’s working on it because he’s still there as a business leader, ”Rex said. “He worked, worked and worked to accomplish this stadium project.

“It was kind of gradual. We got into a locker room and battled the building there, ”Rex said. “We were looking to set up a wrestling building here at the high school, and we priced it, and it was quite expensive.”

Rex then consulted with Coldwater and Cavalier athletic director Eric Goodwin, who had just completed a similar installation, to see how they were tackling the situation.

Feeling good, I met a wrestling coach in the stadium and immediately went to the wrestling / changing room building next to the stadium. The building has a wrestling mat and a small weight room for the wrestling team at all times of the year. As for the wrestling season, there are four mats.

“It’s a nice setup for that, and the dressing room is just huge,” Rex said.

The next step in the stadium renovation, which began when Aaron Rex returned as coach, was to renovate the bathroom on the visitors’ side of the stadium.

“He thought it hurt his eyes, so he built a washroom and a kiosk, and we also put the dressing room / dressing room in the officials room,” Rex said. “It was all there and no one had to walk to college, although I thought it was a beautiful tradition.”

Then there was a stadium-wide project that I knew would be expensive and that I was trying to do a few years ago. However, at the time, the YMCA and the Neil Armstrong Museum were fundraising, so Rex said they had postponed their plans.

After a two-year delay, Watt and Aaron Rex are back to give a big boost to the completion of the stadium renovation. With the help of local businesses, they raised the money they needed to begin the arduous task of upgrading the stadium.

In addition to the laundering, a new enlarged press room was built to accommodate the hospitality suite. The press box has 12 front row seats and 9 last row seats and has a separate video room. Four suites were added for sponsorship, each comfortably accommodated in 4-8 seats, all with a TV and small refrigerator.

On the visitors’ side, 5 feet have been added to the press gallery.

Now that the project is complete, Wapaconeta has one of the best places to play in the region.

“The feedback we are receiving is incredible,” Bradlex said. “It’s like college, and a worker who played at Division III school came here to work,” Rex said. “Last year there was a stadium, but in reality Covid and I couldn’t show it with everything, so I want to know what people are saying. “

Planting sod benefits not only soccer, but also baseball and softball, which can be played when the ground is saturated, as well as all sports like soccer. In Wapaconeta, even wrestlers can run on the pitch and are not trapped inside.

“The turf was very good for us,” said Bradlex. “The kids in the community go out and play there. It’s good. We want them to be proactive. We want them to take care of it, but we want them to be proactive. “

Another big advantage that schools see on the lawn is the cost. At first it can be expensive to install, but long term maintenance makes up for it.

“I think I’m ahead of the game financially in the long run because I spend x on gas and paint and hours of labor on painting, cutting and fertilizing,” Rex says. “In 2010, it took 20 to 25,000 a year to maintain it, so the smart thing they did was get rid of the money to replace the sod when it was old.”

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Ada is the last team to put a lawn at War Memorial Park.

Allen East is also a team that uses turf for football facilities.

The school goes grass

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