Hannah Simko is a standout freshman from Michigan who can hit for high average and steal bases. Learn more about her in today’s “Extra Spotlight”!

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Here is our TLI for Monday, April 18:


Michael Simco made Simko’s name infamous when he knocked an opposing racer through the windshield of a car during the Glass City 200 race in Toledo, OH in 2006.

Hannah Simko#75 in the 2025 Elite 100 Supplementdidn’t learn any karate or kung fu skills from his dad, but the freshman recently spoke to Extra Softball about becoming one of the Midwest’s top outfield prospects for Beverly Bandits Premier 14U-Moran and Plymouth High in Canton, Michigan.


Hannah Simko

Name: Hannah Simko
Hometown: Canton, Michigan
High school: Raised of Plymouth
The club team: Beverly Bandits Premier 14U-Moran
Year of graduation: 2025
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Position: FC/OF
Nickname: Dwarf
Twitter: @hannahsimko2025
Travel Ball Fall Stats: .416 AVG and 24 stolen bases.

First, we have to ask you about the crazy NASCAR windshield dropkick video. What happened and how did you hear about it?
I think I was in third grade when I discovered my dad’s dropkick video. I remember yelling at him ‘Dad!!!’ But what did you have in mind?!?’ He laughed and explained to me what had happened. The guy destroyed my dad a couple more times and then destroyed him in this run and he’s had enough. I used to be so embarrassed when someone brought it up, but now I laugh about it and think it’s pretty awesome.

Did you learn any self-defense skills in the video?
My dad says he always makes fun of his line, “I didn’t take karate lessons or anything.” The only skills I learned were what not to do when you’re crazy on the road!

Hannah is an excellent all-around athlete who also plays volleyball and was on her high school’s competitive cheer team.

Do you even have a backup or is your work secure?
First time coach Chad (Moran) since it was in our Florida tournament. I remember coming to the game and he was like, ‘I’m not telling Hannah to do anything anymore, I’m asking her! Our team is having so much fun, and Chad is leading the way!

Tell us about your travel team/organization…how did you get involved with them?
I’ve played for Finesse in Michigan since I was in 10U. Then in January 2021, Coach (David) Trackwell called and talked to my dad about getting us a move to the Bandits. It was an offer we couldn’t pass up, and I’m so grateful to have received it.

This year, our team really hit its stride after the first two tournaments of the fall season. We won a lot of games. I can’t wait to see how successful we can be this summer when we get back together!

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