Five thoughts after a hectic month of December in the racing world …

1. The Package, 2022 edition

In a stunning reversal, NASCAR abandoned its low power / high downforce philosophy in December after spending the last few years cementing the concept as the very definition of NASCAR racing on larger tracks.

As recently as the season finale in November, I asked NASCAR President Steve Phelps to double down on the concept behind the 550bhp rule package for his next Next Gen car – designed to keep the race going. tucked in and tight on bigger tracks – despite many fans (and an even higher percentage of drivers) voicing their displeasure.

Phelps said: “Do you think the race is good or not? Data from our Fan Council suggests the answer is yes. Is there a vocal minority that says they don’t like a 550 horsepower set (and) want to see more than 750 (hp)? Absoutely. I would go back after the eye test – I would go to the data. The data suggests that we have better races right now than we probably have ever had. “

But it turned out that rule-set track testing with the Next Gen car did not support this idea. The speeds around Charlotte Motor Speedway in the initial test were slower than the minor-league ARCA series cars – completely unworthy of the world’s best stock car racing series. Meanwhile, the pilots and the data made it clear that racing under such conditions would be potentially terrible – single-file racing, little passing and boring shows in the weeks and months after the next gen’s launch.

Fortunately, NASCAR didn’t force the problem by stubbornly trying to get lower horsepower down. We can all debate whether it should have existed in the first place, but the most important development is NASCAR’s willingness to adapt.

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