You should never judge a book but its cover, a useful saying that has surely also been a lesson learned for many of us – as useful as it may be for making guesses, you can sometimes be surprised at what it is. is under the blanket or behind the veil.

A book with a great story, cliffhanger, surprise twist, and stunning characters all in one is the true story of MG.

This brings us to another good old saying, which could appear as the blurb on the spine of MG’s heavy tome of life: it’s not how we fall, this is how we fall. relieves.

Let’s take a quick look at the pages of the MG sports car to see what they did well, what they did not so well, how they lost speed and what has happened since, d ‘an automobile manufacturer who refuses to die.

Has been through tumultuous events

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The MG car, especially the MGB type of the golden age, has an unfortunate relationship with the worst car ever. Here’s why – Morris Motors, the company formed in 1919 to continue from William Morris’ WRM Motors Limited, would eventually become the Morris Marina. This car, in turn, built cheaply and poorly according to contemporary reviews and reports, has gained a reputation as a low point in British automobile history.

Sadly, while some interesting cars did come out of the English auto churning machine, much of what followed wouldn’t be on the exciting end of the fun scale, with the exception of MG which started out as a offshoot of Morris Garages – hence the abbreviated name.

Originally modified Morris cars, MGs would become a separate line – but to appreciate Britain’s automotive history you have to consider its own tangled path. Prepare yourself: Morris Motors Limited would be moved within Nuffield to form the British Motor Corporation with Austin. Later it would be moved as a whole and absorbed into what was the British Leyland Motor Corporation, but would then take its place within British Leyland. After that we also had Rover and MG Rover, therefore MG was in more different hands than a worn out US bank note.

A good start

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The MG range in its best-known and best-known post-WWII form would start with the MG MGA, which was a design deviation and a half from the TF 1500 Midget, but in a good way – this car would last seven. years. years old and first used a 1.5 liter engine good for 70 hp. From the seeds of this radical automobile would be born the legendary new sports car and a legacy that would last, remarkably, for over 30 years.

Entered the scene the MGB which will be the main star of MG until its demise in the early 90s. For those who do not know, there were different variations of the small sports car, including the MGB GT. , MGC and MGB GT V8.

The standard MGB used a 1.8-liter engine like that of a Morris Marina, but power was at idle – for now – 95 hp, especially combined with the low weight of the 2000 lb roadster, gaining 100 hp per ton. which is a good start.

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MG was constantly evolving

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Pininfarina helped design the sleek hardtop MGB GT coupe version and subsequently the family grew with the MGC edition.

Aimed at a higher price point and with the 2.9-liter inline-six, this car was envisioned as a lucrative new version that would impress with its extra horsepower, but unfortunately handling suffered from the added weight of the engine under the nose that was shoehorn with little thought on weight distribution.

The press for the MGC was less than positive and later an English engineer, Ken costello would design and build V8 conversions for the MGB. These V8 versions were good for up to 180bhp, with less weight than the old MGC six-cylinder, and eventually British Leyland would copy Costello’s design and be forced to sell his business. A little rude.

The US market MGB is expected to have unflattering big black bumpers and ride much higher than ideal for a nimble little sports car due to safety regulations.

Ultimately the car that has constantly evolved and lasted through many changes of hands ran out of steam and gave up, it was discontinued in all its forms in 1980 but that didn’t stop a fan base. , parts support and a network of knowledge keeping the car on the road for much longer than that.

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The boys are back in town (again)

MG TF Silver

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1992 saw a fresh-looking car appear in the form of the limited-edition MG RV8, a car that shared nothing with the original MGB except design.

Although this time it sported a 3.9-liter Rover V8, delivering modern 90s performance, due to its limited stroke it would only be 3 years left: until the end of this era and the start of ‘a new one, thanks to its welcome.

The new era was MGF, a very interesting second attempt to bring MG sports cars back into the frame. Like any good car recipe, it had all the right ingredients: rear-wheel drive, rear mid-engine, and sleek styling. It came at a time when the MX-5 was already in full swing and learned a thing or two from its Japanese cousin.

A familiar theme emerges; the car – designed by the Rover group – was owned by BMW and this new car will last 5 years from 1995.

After being sold again and appearing with an MG Rover badge now, it would last from 2000 to 2005 and here it would earn in 2002 through restyle and modifications including suspension changes and engine related updates, this model was known as the MG TF.

The hottest MGFs would get up to 160 hp. After changing hands again (you saw it coming), MG came under the wing of Nanjing Automobile in China and changed its name to MG Motor. Ultimately, the last MG sports car in the form of the MG TF will roll off the line in 2011, mostly due to issues related to the recession.

As of yet, there is no concrete evidence yet of the restart of the sports car heart’s cardiac activity at MG. MG Engines now make a plethora of sedans, sedans, SUVs and even a truck – and its all-electric SUV looks very good value for money. Hoping they see the light and give the English sports car another chance.

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