Everyone has their own different way of training. I’m a guy who trains pretty much all year round. I organized workouts for all the guys. We are all working together. We do it outside and on the football field. I’m old, so I’m changing my workouts and getting creative about them. I know other guys do different things, but come to my training. Let’s go outside. Let’s be dirty. Let’s get dirty. I know basketball players: they like air conditioning, they want to be inside, they want to sit … I make it a point to go into the trenches with you, I get in the mud with you. I make a point of doing it. Heat Culture also cares about people outside of basketball: I know Tyler Herro’s dad. When Tyler Herro’s friend or girlfriend, I don’t know what they call their girlfriends these days.

And “his lady”?

Law! When Tyler Herro’s wife got pregnant, he called me. Heat Culture is not just basketball. I don’t give a fuck about you … I was honored to be one of the first people he spoke to. These guys call me over so much shit, man.

Has he ever called you for advice on being in a music video?


I know you heard the song.

Jack Harlow’s song?


I fuck with Jack Harlow! I reposted this. Jack Harlow can spit. He doesn’t call me for advice on the video, however. i have been in different kinds of videos. I was in “I’m So Hood”. The production budget was probably not that high when I was in these videos.

How was the rise of the 2006 championship with Wade, Shaq and the other guys? How did you bring the first championship to Miami?

I’ll never forget: Dan Le Batard did an article about me in high school. I was one of the best players in Dade County and Dan loved me in high school and I loved Dan. And as soon as we got Shaq, he did another article on me. I was like, “Shit, Dan!” It was a completely different article: Shaq never won with a cross next to him, Haslem has no experience, can he play next to Shaq with expectations… man, Shaq played with Travis Knight. You called me and you’re slipping Travis Knight ?! I would rip Travis Knight’s ass up! Go Le Batard.

So, right away, I was motivated. Shaq didn’t even arrive and I was pissed off. All that other bullshit you could’ve written about, all those other sorry guys Shaq played with, but you wanna write about me ?! I was happy, however, because I was a fan of Shaq. The rules of the game had been raised and expectations were higher.

And did this moment set the tone for the season?

It became a big deal and a big deal. I learned a lot. This was around the time when NBA players were paid for the holidays. We had Antione Walker, Gary Payton, Shaquille O’Neal and D-Wade. It was likely to be four parties in one city! Everyone got a bag! The main thing about Shaq was that he was telling us to “take advantage of this shit, but when it’s time to work, it’s time to work”. These guys knew how to get to work, obviously.

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