Former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo recently revealed that Dana White is aware of the one fight that could see her honor the Octagon again.

Cejudo recently appeared in an interview with TMZSports. Ever since he once called him as a Professional Mixed Martial Artist, he has been faced with questions regarding the timeline of his return. This is because Cejudo became one of the few fighters who accomplished it all and retired to the top at a young age.

“Dude, right now, I don’t know if you know, but I finally had my second girlfriend. You know what I do when I’m bored, everyone! But other than that you know what would I like? I’m going to beat this guy here, “Cejudo said on his return, picking up a ball a la Alexander Volkanovski. ‘Alexander’ the average. ‘ This dwarf overgrown with vegetation. I would love to win [in] a third weight class – not only to become the greatest combat sports athlete of all time, but the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. But, Uncle Dana White, he knows what I want. Hush? If it makes money, that makes sense. “

Although Henry Cejudo did not reveal the exact number he was looking for to fight Volkanovsky, he said he would respect his financial needs if the fight against the featherweight champion took place.

A fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Henry Cejudo takes on its full meaning. ‘Triple C’ retired in the lead after beating legendary Dominick Cruz. Winning a third Championship Strap will certainly give him a credible advantage over other fighters in promotion history. Additionally, Alexander Volkanovski and Henry Cejudo have been back and forth on social media on several occasions, adding market value to a potential fight.

Henry Cejudo reveals next guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast

Henry Cejudo co-hosts Hotboxin ‘with Mike Tyson with the boxing legend himself. During the interview, Cejudo revealed that the show’s next guest will be none other than MMA’s questionable GOAT, Georges St-Pierre.

While describing his penchant for financially rewarding transactions, Cejudo said:

“I’m after the money. That’s why I’m killing him with Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. We’re killing him there, man. We’re gonna be the biggest podcast in the world. We’re already one of the most watched podcasts in the world. world … Believe it or not, man, we’re gonna have GSP this Monday on the show. “

Watch the full interview here:

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