View from the Nightmare of Cheap Seats-Ames

5-star culture meets 5-star players

Telling graph shown during the game, since 2017 TEXAS has recruited 40 level 4 and 5 star players. ISU has signed 4. After last year’s win in Austin, All American’s quote from RB Breece Hall when asked about the difference between teams, 5-star culture versus 5-star players. Pretty hard to dispute what he said. Souls at Night is never an easy place to play. The first play of the game said it all, a 12-yard gain by BiJian before he spit the ball out. I have to say, SUPER proud of D’s first half efforts. Handed over a short field, they held ISU to a FG, then shut them out from the rest of the half. Over the next 6 ISU drives, our D would force 4 punts, turn down on the lows and recover a fumble. But football is a 60-minute game, not a 30-minute game. The 2nd half would see the D come back to not playing the right gaps, missing tackles and failing to play himself. And the REALLY bad news, the D wasn’t the worst unit on the pitch last night. This honor goes to a completely inept offense except for great practice. Even if it really was the story of the tallest dwarf. They are NOT a very good football team. Keep in mind that the last 4-game losing streak was in 2010.. ..UGH

BiJain would go 1000 yards during the season on a very average night for him 18 carries 90 yards 5.0 by. He was completely eclipsed by All American Breece Hall who also scored 1,000 on ground of 141 in 19 runs, 7.2 per. As serious as the loss was, BR left the game twice with injuries. Well, the Casey Thompson era is over. He was replaced in the 1st quarter. The Cheap Seats were YUGE Casey fans, but it was the right move and it’s time to see what Card can do. Unfortunately, the Longhorns are already in “next year” mode. Get the youngest players as many reps as possible, try to beat the rest of the BigXII teams (Kansas, WVU KSU the last 2 actually solid soccer teams) and get into a bowl game. Spare us the “we shouldn’t go bowling,” this team needs all the practice reps they can get.

Interestingly, the two teams are running very similar projects. The difference is, ISU players perform much better. Now they come with a significant level of experience. Lots of seniors in the field. And it doesn’t hurt that Matt Campbell has been around for a while, creating a belief in the program. Perhaps the worst note for the future of TEXAS, Sark & ​​Company has again coached seriously.

To be clear, cheap seats ARE NOT calling for Sark’s head. The man has AT LEAST 2 more seasons to get things going in the right direction, but the first thing we need to do is stop digging and we are not showing any signs of that in 2021. We believe that the one of the big problems next to what is not a losing culture is a lack of consistency. If we ranked the teams around BigXII, we would have OU, OSU, ISU, Baylor, KSU (if ever they have talent, be careful) all ahead of TEXAS, all programs (except OU) doing more with less. OR do more with more. No one knows what the TCU or TT staff will look like in 2022 at this point, as Kansas works hard to prove this is a school of basketball. The biggest advantage of recruiting is that there is legitimately not a single spot on the roster for 2022, so we can sell playing time. OK, BiJian is safe so 21 out of 22. TEXAS needs to game creators. Some have said that we should have retained Chris Ash. Maybe but he would have to bring Joseph Ossai back or this D is not very different. Hopefully Sark hits the portal hard to find talented OLs to patch the team’s weaker unit. This recruiting and off-season class, the most important of the last decade at TEXAS.

On offense the ISU had these amazing players called Tight Ends, and they used them in the passing game. It was unbelievable. I don’t know why we don’t use them at TEXAS because we know that the TE room has a lot of body

We wanted to highlight the player who delivered the only TEXAS score of the evening, Xaiver Worthy. He called his teammates this week talking about making everyone play hard. Real freshman, 100% a guy from Sark. This team needs leaders and nothing more powerful than peer pressure.

Game player

Only one this week, Dicker the Kicker with 2 punts inside the 5. He was our best weapon.

Statistics that matter

  • TEXAS 6 offensive yards in the 3rd quarter

  • 0 offensive points in the 2nd half

  • 10 out of 15 discs, 10 finished 3 and less or less,

  • 207 The lowest production of offensive yards since the beating ND inflicted on us

On the bridge

TEXAS need a crisis breaker in the WORST way and that’s what we have on deck this week with BigXII’s worst team, Kansas. We said before that we love Casey, but barring an injury or an explosion he should have seen his last snap at TEXAS. It’s time to build the O around map, it’s time to give young people experience.

Fighting Mack Brown

UNC entered the season clearly excited. They weren’t a Top 10 quality team. And we still have a few injured fans about Mack Brown, several openly applauding an underperforming UNC. Down 48-34 to start the 4th quarter, UNC scores 24 in the 4th to upset previously undefeated Wake Forest in a strangely “out of conference” match. We still think Wake is making the ACC title game but not giving up in Mack’s Tarheels. His players are playing hard for him.

BigXII ranking

# 1 OR Linked playoff

2nd level of teams looking for last place in the CCG

# 2 OSU must always face OU

# 3 ISU # 4 Baylor enjoys the tiebreaker against OSU. Must also face the OU

# 4 Baylor tiebreaker on ISU, OR on bridge

3rd level playing for a bowl offer.

# 5 KSU based on best conference record, bowl eligible

# 6 TEXAS must win 2 out of 3 to go bowling

# 7 TCU, must win 2 out of 3 to go bowling

# 8 TT must win one of the 3 tough games to go bowling

# 9 WVU must win 2 out of 3 to go bowling

# 10 Kansas basketball season here

Playing the projections too early

We’re gonna project how we think it ends not where we are today

# 1 Georgia, projecting they beat Bama to win the SEC. If Bama wins, the two are in and Cincy is out.

# 2 1 Loss Winner B1G. We think about tOSU today but it will be a wild ending

# 3 OR Undefeated OR wins when beaten in Oregon even if he wins the Pac

# 4 Cincy 1st group of 5 to make the playoffs as long as they finish undefeated

Just a little outside

Oregon needs help. Yes, they beat tOSU. They win, they could push Cincy since they are # 4 today. Keep in mind that Oregon is the ONLY team ranked in the PAC

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