“The modified race that we did the first four years of the Fall Classic event, we also can’t do that because of a scheduling conflict we have with the BRP tour that keeps cars and fans away. .

“The other thing is that with the Canadian border still closed, the format we used for these cars was a modified large block and small block DIRT.car format. We were pulling cars from the Canadian Merrittville and Humberstone tracks. We’re not going to be able to get them, so we’ve completely opted out of Mods for this year. They could come back next year if the border opens.

Freedom has added a new Pro-Mod class, a division Reis has included in the regular season lineup this year. The class was successful with 16-18 cars per race and good competitive competition.

When the tracks hold two-day events, many will hold qualifying races on the first day, with the main races highlighting the second day. Reis will host separate qualifying and star races each day of the Fall Classic with a separate purse paid each day.

“It’s two full shows this year,” Reis said. “As a competitor I know when you have qualifying one night and long distance races the second, a lot of guys don’t like to do that. That’s a lot of money for two night passes and you only run for a paid purse on one of the nights. It is not a popular format as a racing car owner.


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