Big man Shaquille O’Neal can make normal-looking things look so small. And when Shaq stands next to someone, he definitely embarrasses them and it’s nice to witness his reactions. Every time such a moment is shown, fans are surprised. Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario just posted a photo of herself with Shaq on Instagram, and fans are stunned once again.


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Alexandra Daddario, who is 5’8ft, once uploaded a photo in 2017 on Instagram with Shaq, who is 7’1ft.


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The comments section is full of amazed admirers. In the comments, most people were comparing the heights of the duo.

Now, 5 years later, the two have reunited and Daddario has posted a photo with Shaq once again. The duo met during the United States Grand Prix.

‘Super Tall’ Shaquille O’Neal eclipsed Alexandra Daddario

In the image, Daddario laughs with his eyes closed and Shaq looks at her wearing a black t-shirt, gold tinted sunglasses and a gold chain. The caption of the post says, “The best photo bomb.”

The post currently has over 230,000 likes.

In 2017, Daddario’s comments section Photo with Shaq was inundated with surprised fans and one of the fans said, “You are so small compared to him.Here are some of the reactions to Daddario’s post:

“he’s super tall”

“Wtf…🤔 tall would it be????”

“He’s a big guy, damn it.”

“Is it real? »

“your little one but he’s a big one 😉😉😉”

“Wow this man is super tall.”

“wow i don’t think so.”


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“Holy sweet Moses! He is tall. lol”

“You look like a dwarf lol.”

The comments seemed endless. Even though Daddario is 5ft 8in tall, she looks dwarfed compared to the Los Angeles Lakers Legend. It wasn’t the first time Shaq had made someone look small. Such stories seem to follow him wherever he goes.


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